Monday, 26 November 2012

{Baby Boy} Prabu n his Jacket

Hi !!
Gosh I really missed you guys!!
Been a while since last time I posted something here. 
What can I say??
Work comes first, right?!

Today I just wanna post about this simple granny jacket.
Remember Prabu??
Handsome baby boy which I posted earlier here.

This handsome baby turn into BIG Baby within a few months. 

with his Chubby cheeks and funny look in his eyes. 
Gosh. I feel like wanna bite him :D

I finally finished my granny jacket for him.
Its in green, just like his mom wants. 

See how cute he is?

Over all...
I'm so glad that the jacket fits.
I kinda scared that it might too small for him ;)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Happy (Belated) Yarn Day

Last Friday...
Our Dinamic_CroKnit group celebrating Yarn Day.
and to celebrate it, Mba Thata came up with these ideas.

1. We exchange gift and the gift should be related to crocheting or knitting. 
So it could be yarns, book, hook, stopper, etc.
Then... we should sent the gift on Oct 12 (last Friday)
2. We should put a photo of our self or family or relatives or even friends who wore our creation. The idea was to be a narcissistic for a day ;)

so here's my pic which I called

Semi Narcissistic

and my friends complaint for it.
They said that the only thing whose being narcissistic in that pic is my flower hairpin.
And yes.. it's a hair pin and not a brooch

What do u think??

And now.. about a gift..
Last Monday.. I finally received my gift.
It's 3 ball of Thalenta yarn sent by Mba Dini (Malang)

 a ball of softy wool
a ball of bulky
and finally a ball of yarn which textured like towel.

Lucky me!!

Hmm.. I wonder what should I crocheted with those lovely yarns. 

Any idea??

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Brooch.. Everywhere

There's dark cloud outside..
Hope it will be raining today.
Coz it's been months since our last rain.

So I hope 
October could bring some good news.
Like Rain.

I made something this week.
Just some flower brooch for my friend Rahma.

Green Flower with Beads
I really don't know what to call it. 
I just let my finger dance to make a flower. 
to make it different than usual, 
I sew beads around it.
How is it??

 I call it..
Cause there are 3 flowers in 1 brooch.

I got the pattern from sewritzytitzy 
Love the pattern a lot
but for this time I only worked untill 3rd row.
I will do it exactly like the pattern next time.
I Promise ^_^

Last but not least.
I call it Sun Shine
Still playing with beads and pearl (not real pear)
And somehow.. I really love it
 I made it without pattern at all. 

This brooches are ready to delivered ;)

Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Week

Hi friend!!
How are you all this week?
Great I hope.

It's been a busy week for me.
Office work piling,
some appointment with friends,
visiting my aunt n uncle in different city, 
a visit from my dearest uncle,  
some orders flowing to my crafting room.
Quite busy na?!
But I always try to enjoy every second of it ;)
 and still.. try to buy a new yarn.
This time I try softy cotton from Keidi's
which owned by Sis Ike, a friend from Dinamic_CroKnit mailing list.


Still don't know what to crochet with this yarn.
But I'm sure I'll find it out soon enough.

In the meantime....
Just wish you all a happy crafting ;)


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another Angry Bird and Baby Headband

Hi all!!
How are you all today?
Doin great I hope ;)

It's my 2nd week of work after Eid day.
and after 2 weeks, all back to normal again.
Piles of paper work, documents to check,
some invoices, and some other. 

Still try to 'steal' some time to crochet but only for simple stuff 
and finishing some orders. 

You might get bored with what I post
well.. I kinda bored too.
what can I say.. Client is the Queen of all.
 and those Queens wants Earflap :D

And this..
was the latest earflap I made before Eid Holiday 

Angry Bird Earflap for 3yo and a Headband for 12 mths baby.
I use Softy Cotton for the earflap, and 2cm lace for the headband.

And now..
still try to steal some time for another project.

Happy crafting all ;)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Angry Birds

Long time no see friends ;)

Just a few more day before Eid holiday.
Our office will be closed for about a week. 
And since I don't have plan to go anywhere....
I'll just stay at home.. watching some dvd's and crocheting some projects.

Before that...
Allow me to show you some of my works.
Red Angry Bird
Thalenta SC (Thalenta Star)
Hook 6/0

Duo Angry Bird
Thalenta SC (Thalenta Star)
Hook 5/0 and 6/0 
All of them are order from my friend.
And all of them already fly to their new nest.
Happy crafting y'all

Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Label

It's Thursday afternoon here in Jakarta
The sky is blue..
and the weather is so hot!

I have done half of my work..
but still have another work waiting >.<


but I'm Happy!!
Coz my Label is finally arrived

A simple label designed by my lil' bro
I ordered it from Indie Craft Label 

Since this was the my 1st order, 
I asked Mia, from Indie Craft Label about the material
and she suggested me to use from taffeta sateen.

and VOILA!!!

So happy!!
Can't hardly wait to sew it on my product ;)

Happy Crafting all!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

{New Baby} Prabu Arjuna

About a month a ago my dearest best friend Rika was having her 1st nephew.
 He was a very very cute baby boy named Prabu Arjuna. 

See that chubby cheek?? Feel like wanna bite it :D

I've visited him, but yet I haven't bring any gift.
Well.. not really my mistake, 
coz his aunt kinda kidnapped me from my office and bring me to her house 
where this cute and calm baby boy stayed.

He was sleeping on that evening. 
And although his aunt and his gramps make some noise to wake him up..
He just slept like nothing happened.
and all of that noise didn't bother him at all. 

He just gave us a pose.

Isn't he cute???

So.. about the present. 
Since his aunt and mom know that I can crochet baby stuff,
They want me play with my yarns and make something for him. 

I still have no idea what to make.
But at that time.. I know that I have the perfect yarn for him.

Light Blue Softy Cotton from Thalenta.
The real color of these balls is more beautiful than what you see in this pic.
Trust me ;)

Almost feel like she (Prabu's mom) can read my mind..
she suddenly said 'please don't make anything in blue. I had enough.'

Feel like wanna cry.. coz I already prepare few balls of that blue yarn + navy blue
Now I have to search for another color.

Any suggestion??

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hi Aunties!!

Hi aunties...
Let me introduce myself..

My Name is...
 Ervin Aldiano Ghufta

but my gramps call me..

See my cute ear-flap??
My uncle bought it for me.
Isn't he the best uncle ever???

Thank you Uncle Rama ;)

Thursday, 12 July 2012

{Giveaway} July Giveaway from Ideku Handmade

hai hai!!
Setelah libur sehari karna Pemilukada, 
ada giveaway..
Kolaborasi antara :
Ideku Handmade 

Hadiahnya keren looohh!!

Ada Kamera..
ada kalung..
ada cincin.


Yuk ikutan!!


Monday, 9 July 2012

Baby Kinan

I got a baby gal as my customer. 
This is...

Senandung Arum Kinanti
aka. Kinan

She'll be 1yo this July 16th
Her daddy is my colleagues

Within a few more month
She'll be a BIG Sister..

Be Good.. Kinan ;)

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Baby Farhan and Pororo the Penguin

Hola my dearest friends!!!
How's your day???
GREAT I hope.

Today I wanna share a pic of my newest customer, Farhan. His dad is one of my colleagues @the office. 

So last week, his dad highjacked my ready to deliver Pororo ear-flap which supposed to delivered to Depok, for Fayyaz. [so sorry mommy Nur :(].

And yesterday, Farhan daddy's sent me this pic of Farhan with his Pororo.

Cute na?!

And now.. I'm half way to crochet another Pororo for Fayyaz.

Happy crafting friends ;)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Baby Nang with His Pororo

So happy when my customer satisfied with my creation.
And I couldn't be more happier than to see them wearing my product.

And today.. with a big smile on my round face ;) I presented this cute baby boy to you.


He's the 1st child of my friend, Rama

Since he was a new born baby, I always LOVE his smile. 

For me it's a mix between cute and naughty smile. 


Thank you, Daddy Rama, for sending this cute pic of Ganang ;)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 3 & 4, for Ganang n Galang

Hi guys!!
Its been a while since my last post.
How u doin??
Great I hope ;)

It's Tuesday now and my paper work were piling.
But yet.. steal few minute of my lunch time to greet you.

And off course to post some of my work.

Say hi to sweet pororo (again)

So last week..
My friend PING me and asked about this Pororo Earflap
(which I put as my profile picture)


He ordered 2 piece of this Pinguin Earflap
One is for his baby boy, Ganang...

Incase you forgot him...
Just take a look of this pic

This is Ganang, months ago.
with his Granny Jacket made by me as a gift ;)

While the other earflap is for His Nephew = Ganang's cousin
aka. Galang

I still don't have Galang's Pic.
But ...
I already ask his uncle aka my friend to take a pic of him
or maybe.. take a pic of both of them

Just wait and see ;)

Monday, 18 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 2

Good afternoon, dearest friends. 
Wish you all a Super Great Day ;)

Another order finished. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah. 
Hope you wont get bored with this project. 
Yeah... another PORORO Earflap, ordered by my friend for her kiddo.

Since I run out of orange color..
So I use this yellow one. 
What do you think??

Hold your answer please....
Now see this picture which I got from google. 

Turn out that this PORORO's hat was actually in yellow. 
So.. is that mean that my 1st one was crocheted in wrong color??

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mood Booster

Busy day..
Lost of paper work..
But yet, 
Felt so sleepy.

All I wanna do is just grab my pillow
and lay my head down.

But then..
My receptionist came,
with a package in her hand. 


My new stashes just arrived.
Red and pale yellow.

The yellow one is too pale, actually. 
But still...
They had brighten my busy day. 

They are..
My mood booster ;)

Monday, 11 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 1

Few month a go, a friend asked me if I can crocheted an earflap with PORORO Figure for her son.  I bet you know what Pororo is. Specially you who have kids ;)
Yes!! You got it!! Pororo is this little penguin!!

So, I finally crocheted that hat last week. Since... another friend also asked me to crocheting this stuff for her. 

2 person already... I can't delay it again, right?! or GOD may get angry and make my customers dissapear. Puff!! Just like that.

After several times trying .. finally... I present this PORORO Earflap to you.. my beloved readers. 



Material: Thalenta ICTS for its body
                          Thalenta TS for its face and glasses
                                             Thalenta ICT for its blue skin and lining of its hat

 Since I don't have kid's head mannequin, so I just use what I got at home :D

What I hate when crocheting figures is those details like eyes, nose, etc.
Feels like wanna screamed >.<
Did anyone ever feel like what i feel??

Anyway... I'm glad I could finally finished it. Still got one more to crochet though ;)

Happy crafting y'all ;)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

{Flowers} Here .. there... and every where

Last month, my mommy was so.. so.. crazy about flowers. She crocheted flowers with various colors. She just let her finger dance. No clue, no pattern. Just follow her heart :)

But at the end, she got no clue what to do with those flowers. So.. I picked up my stashes box, along with my glue gun. And Voila!!

We got 3 hairpins and several brooches. 

Some of them are SOLD OUT to my friends.

Hmm.. seems that it was a GOOD Collaboration ;)

Happy Crafting Friends ^^

Monday, 4 June 2012

{Crafting} 1st Project in June

I finally finished one of my crochet project on this 1st week of June. Well, actually, I started from May, but finished it last Friday and its June already.

Don’t think of BIG project please! Coz you might get disappointing. It was only a simple Slouchy Hat. Totally simple! I’m only using sc and dc. But for me it’s a new thing. 1st .. I never crocheted any slouchy before. 2nd.. I never crocheting hat from the bottom. And I found it little bit hard. I feel like my stitches is always twisting around >.< and 3rd… this slouchy hat was an order from a friend. So I kinda nervous.

But thanks GOD I could finish it. Off course with so many help from my friend through ‘PING’ing her Blackberry. Thanks a lot Sis Aning!!

And now…. let me introduce you to my 1st Slouchy Hat. Taraaaa!!!

Not bad naa?!?!
Ahhh!! I feel so relieve!!
Alhamdulillah.. Thanks GOD.

Monday, 21 May 2012

I Need more Time

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time to do what you want??

Well I do. 

It seemed that I never have enough time to do my favorite things.
For example.. If I decided to read, that means I don't have time for crafting -vice versa.
And If I start reading, that means I don't have enough time to sleep. Coz some book may keep you awake till its last page. You just can't put it away until you finished reading it. Am I right??

Sometimes I wonder.
Is it just me? Who feel this way. Like running out of time? Or is it just because I'm not good in managing that 24 hours??


Monday, 14 May 2012

Crochargosy Scarves

So in love with this pattern since the 1st time I saw it in crochetmeThis Crochargosy Scarves.
Too bad :( I can't knit. So I just try its crochet pattern.

Bit confuse for a while...
But thanks GOD I finally made it ;)

Thank you so much for Christie Pruitt, the designer of this beautiful scarves.

Happy Crafting y'all ^_^

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Clear Sight for All

I wear glasses since my Junior High and always wear it ever since. It's kinda hard to adjust with that situation at first. But I finally realize that this glasses became a part of me and considered as my identity. So nowadays I enjoy wearing various kind of glasses .. including sunglasses ;)

And now.. I feel blessed for my need of glasses and sunglasses. Why?? because WARBY PARKER will provide and donates 1 pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair you bought. Isn't it great?!?!?! Helping others while you're shopping for yourself. And this kindness can be found at WARBY PARKER.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Pashmina Bergaya and Bible Cover


Finally I find some time to upload some of my project.

1st one is Pashmina ordered by Novi, my newest customer ;) who was introduced by Syela (on of my friend plus my customer :D).

This Pashmina called Pashmina Bergaya (from Thata Pang 3rd book).

Material I used:
Leaf Green Softy Cotton from RainaKnittingYarn
Pink Indonesian Cottorn from Thalenta

While this one was ordered by Syela. One of my loyal customer, Syela. She orderd another Bible Cover :D (it's her 5th bible cover). Thank you dear ;)

Thalenta ICT Plain

Btw.. I giver xtra bookmark. Hope she'll like it ;)

Happy Crafting Friends ^__^

Thursday, 16 February 2012

7 Day in Love part 2

Ok.. continuing my previous post about DC Project called 7 Day in Love, here's my last 4. All most all of them was made from free pattern (got it from the net).

Day 4

Love Bobby Pins
 I was inspired by LDH. She crocheted a simple but pretty bobby pins. 
I really in love with her work. So I tried. But unfortunately I failed in crocheting Heart based on her pattern. So I tried my own.

Day 5

Rose Headband
Its still day 5 and I already stuck.
Feel clueless.. and really don't know what to crochet *sigh*
Checking my treasure box.. I remember that I just bought elastic lace. So I just cut it, joined them into circle with glue.. and just put a crochet rose on it.

Day 6

Hearts Around Doily

Found this pattern from
and I like it a lot. So I try the pattern and it turn out that so easy to crochet. 
I think I'll crocheted some more.

Day 7

My Key Chain
Finally!! Last day 7 Day in Love.
I made this simple key chain. 
Hopefully, I could fill my circle of life with love, with bright colors like flower.

Finally done!! Feel sooo relieved ^__^ 

See you on the next project ;)

Friday, 10 February 2012

7 Day in LOVE

In our mailing list, there's always full of project. Mother's day, End year, Lunar New Year, and now.. Valentine's project called 7 Day in Love.  

It doesn't matter how small or how simple your creation was. It doesn't matter whether you design it yourself or using pattern from book or web. All we want is to keep our finger dancing. You can do good by practicing, right??!?

It's been 3 day since 7 Day in Love Project begins and I already made 3 stuff. 

Day 1

Honor in Love Coaster
I'm so in love with this pattern since the 1st time I saw it at One Crochet at a Time
It was so so easy but yet so pretty. Besides, I think it will suitable with Valentine with its heart shape. 

Material: Thalenta ICT Plain & ICT Blend

Day 2

Granny Headband

Day 2 and already stuck >.<
So I just made something simple. 
For its applique, I used that Honor in Love Coaster and adding  2 piece of crocheted heart on the top of it then adding it again with small flower.

Day 3

Rose Buds

The most common on Valentine is Roses and a box of chocolate. Am I right?
So today I try to make roses. Specially after seeing this flower pattern from MyLittleCityGirl
 You know what... I imagine this pretty flower on a beanie, headband, bag.
I thing I just gonna give it a try ;)

So.. that's all for now.
See you on my next post about this project.


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