Tuesday, 5 June 2012

{Flowers} Here .. there... and every where

Last month, my mommy was so.. so.. crazy about flowers. She crocheted flowers with various colors. She just let her finger dance. No clue, no pattern. Just follow her heart :)

But at the end, she got no clue what to do with those flowers. So.. I picked up my stashes box, along with my glue gun. And Voila!!

We got 3 hairpins and several brooches. 

Some of them are SOLD OUT to my friends.

Hmm.. seems that it was a GOOD Collaboration ;)

Happy Crafting Friends ^^


  1. Your mom is such a talented lady! I cannot believe someone can make those beautiful flowers without a pattern! No wonder you are so clever too!!! Yes, what a great collaboration! :)
    Have a lovely weekend! x

  2. Thank you dear.
    Me? Clever? Aww... u make me blushing >.<


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