Thursday, 16 February 2012

7 Day in Love part 2

Ok.. continuing my previous post about DC Project called 7 Day in Love, here's my last 4. All most all of them was made from free pattern (got it from the net).

Day 4

Love Bobby Pins
 I was inspired by LDH. She crocheted a simple but pretty bobby pins. 
I really in love with her work. So I tried. But unfortunately I failed in crocheting Heart based on her pattern. So I tried my own.

Day 5

Rose Headband
Its still day 5 and I already stuck.
Feel clueless.. and really don't know what to crochet *sigh*
Checking my treasure box.. I remember that I just bought elastic lace. So I just cut it, joined them into circle with glue.. and just put a crochet rose on it.

Day 6

Hearts Around Doily

Found this pattern from
and I like it a lot. So I try the pattern and it turn out that so easy to crochet. 
I think I'll crocheted some more.

Day 7

My Key Chain
Finally!! Last day 7 Day in Love.
I made this simple key chain. 
Hopefully, I could fill my circle of life with love, with bright colors like flower.

Finally done!! Feel sooo relieved ^__^ 

See you on the next project ;)

Friday, 10 February 2012

7 Day in LOVE

In our mailing list, there's always full of project. Mother's day, End year, Lunar New Year, and now.. Valentine's project called 7 Day in Love.  

It doesn't matter how small or how simple your creation was. It doesn't matter whether you design it yourself or using pattern from book or web. All we want is to keep our finger dancing. You can do good by practicing, right??!?

It's been 3 day since 7 Day in Love Project begins and I already made 3 stuff. 

Day 1

Honor in Love Coaster
I'm so in love with this pattern since the 1st time I saw it at One Crochet at a Time
It was so so easy but yet so pretty. Besides, I think it will suitable with Valentine with its heart shape. 

Material: Thalenta ICT Plain & ICT Blend

Day 2

Granny Headband

Day 2 and already stuck >.<
So I just made something simple. 
For its applique, I used that Honor in Love Coaster and adding  2 piece of crocheted heart on the top of it then adding it again with small flower.

Day 3

Rose Buds

The most common on Valentine is Roses and a box of chocolate. Am I right?
So today I try to make roses. Specially after seeing this flower pattern from MyLittleCityGirl
 You know what... I imagine this pretty flower on a beanie, headband, bag.
I thing I just gonna give it a try ;)

So.. that's all for now.
See you on my next post about this project.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Simple Triangle

I crocheted this shawl about a week ago. 
Actually, I never planned to crocheted this.

The story was...
A friend who's also my costumer, stopped by at my house. Then somehow.. she looked at my crochet book collection. Turning from page to another page, she kinda like this shawl and planned to order it. 

But.... she likes another pattern too. 
Since she's a kinda person who need more time in deciding things. So I try to make it easier for her by making this shawl.
Hopefully, she can made up her mind pretty soon ;)

Happy crafting friends ^__^


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