Thursday, 26 February 2009

B'day Present for Mba Kat

DC having another program. Gosh!! Our moderator is sooo creative :D. So, this program is to make B'day gift for member. It's a voluntary work. Every one who wants to take part, must choose one or more months. And the moderator will let us know who's b'day is it on that month. Then, we send gift to that person. You don't have to make something expensive or spectaculer. Just make something u like. Coz the main idea is to share.

I choose February and April. And this month (17th Feb) was sis Katrien's B'day. I made a cell pouch and some bookmarks (too bad I didn't take a pic of those 2 bookmarks). I only take a pic of the cell pouch.

Made it with green ICT, clover hook no.3 with sc stitches only. Then I made bullion stitches with DMC and Blue Moon to make it nice.

I really hope that she'll like it ^_^

Monday, 23 February 2009

Rose Brooch

I made this rose upon my Aunt's request. She want's something wearable for all the gals in family on my cousin's wedding day. So, she ask me to make brooch with the combination of red and gold (as we all know, gold the main color for sumatra people).

Got this pattern form web (I forgot the site, still try to remember it). Using clover hook no. 3 and viscose rayon yarn from Micki Mocko Blok M.

Hope she'll likes it ^_^

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Brownie Hat

This hat was made based on Miss. Rika's order. She's driving motorcycle for her daily activities and she wants a hat to cover her hair, right before she wears her helmet. And she always requested dark colour. FYI this is her 2nd order.

Thank you for trusting us.


Green Pouch

Just finished this GreenPouch. Made it for Sis Nina Wijaya (Sidoarjo) with a ball Viscose Rayon. Like usual, I always use simple stitches ^_^.

This was made from FPDC and BPDC.

Hope she'll like it

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Blue Bed Cover

About a month a go, my mommy went to her aunt's house in Bogor. 2 woman meet, it's so impossible if they weren't chit-chating. Eventually, my mom told her aunt about my crocheting hobby. And guessed what?! Her aunt so excited, coz she had 3 daughter but none of them had the sama hobby like her. Which is crafting -including crocheting-. Then she rush into her bed room, and started to collect few things from her closet. All crocheting item. One of them is this Blue Bed Cover. It's so lovely isn't it???

She made it from local wool, using local hook. Finished it for about a month. Wow. I never made such a huge project like this. I promised to myself that one day, sooner or later, I'll make things like this.

Wish me luck ^_^

Shirt Key Chain

Cute isn't it??
Well I should thanked sis Fenny for this cute shirt key chain coz i got this cute little thing from her. She gave it to me as new year's present.

Thank you so much sis.

Love ya

Simple Baby Set

This is the 1st baby set I ever made. Consist of hat, bib and bottle cover. For Hat and Bib, made it from sis Fenny's pattern. But I create the bottle cover for myself.

This baby set was made by using ICT (Indonesian Cotton) with clover hook no. 4.

It's kinda cute for gift.


Fan Syall

Made this shawl few weeks a go by using a ball of acrylic linen yarn. This yarn has a unique texture. When you hold it, it's kinda stretchy and feels like plastic. I should thanked sis Fenny for the pattern of this beautiful shawl.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Pinky Goodie Bag

See this pink goodie bag?? I made it for Sis Ririk (Malang) for exchange gift. Well.. we had goodie bag exchange for V Day. Even though I never celebrate V'Day, but its kinda fun to shares with friends.

I made it with Softy Cotton and hook No.7. Using all simple stitches. The base of this goodie bag, I made it from sis Thata's pattern for FDWL charity pencil case. I modified the body from ondory bok.

This goodie bag is on the way to sis Ririk's hand. Hope she'll likes it.


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