Saturday, 26 September 2009

Green Granny Baby Set

Remember my previous posting? This one.
Well.. I've made modification on that hat, based on Sis Thata's advice. I put an edging on it with fpdc & bpdc. Just like in the pic.

This hat (I just made it with dc all the way) along with this jacket n booties (jacket from sis Thata's 2nd book, booties also from sis Thata) are made for my manager's newborn baby boy. I made it in green coz his wife loves green.

Hmm.. I wish them all the best for the new coming baby.


Rainbow Blankie

Finally, I can finished this 2 blankie for FDWL Charity Program.
The 1st blankie (the left one) was made with FDWL pattern. Made it with ICT & 4/0 clover hook. It took times since there's Pop DC on it. While the 2nd one, I just need a day to do it. Well off course since I only made from basic granny.

Hopefully they can feel warm n comfort with this blankie ^_^

Pine Tablecloth

This is my 1st big doily project. Well tablecloth I guessed. It was an order from Ms. Rini (JKT). She wished a 150cm tablecloth. So i search the pattern from book n net for several days before finally decided to crocheting this one.

Made this pine with Acrylic Cotton with some modification since I didn't have enough yarn.
Hopefully she'll satisfied with this pine ^_^


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