Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bye for a while

from here
Just wanna say Bye for a While.

Got a busy day and an urgent project. So I'll away for a while from this crafting blog.

Hope y'all keep crafting ;)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sneak Peek from Indonesian Crochet & Knit Festival 2011 (FRI)

Hi y'all!!
Hows ur weekend?
Mine was GREAT although got headache for few days. But the rest was so AWESOME!!!

There was Crocheting & Knitting Festival that held  in Bank Mandiri Museum (Kota) from 16 to 17 Juli 2011. Our Dinamic CroKnit group opened 1 stand there. Selling books and our craft project. 

Here's some pic of our stand ;)

Day 1

Sis Rini with all things for DC's Stand

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

{giveaway} Ammi & Abi

Hi there!!
Another giveaway I joined in this month.
After joining COCOMOMO and MAMAK IRA, now its time to join 1st give away from Ammi & Abi.

She got 2 pretty things for this giveway.

A Totebag

and a Pouch.

I already did what she asked. Now time to cross my finger and pray.

New Book from Netherland

Just wanna share my happy day!!!
Yesterday I received a package from my auntie and found lots of good stuff inside.

2 pair of shoe, trousers, glasses and these 2 book which I LOVE the MOST.

Both of them are about knitting. 

This one here is about some stitches of knit. 

While this one, GOSH!! I really love all the pattern here. 

All I want now is to find someone who understand dutch, can knit and willing to help me translating this book so I can try the pattern.

Anyone care to help me??

{giveaway} Cocomomo

Ada giveaway lohhhh di Cocomomo !!!
Hadiahnya??? Kuereeeeennn banget deh.


Beneran keren kan?!?! Sapa dulu dunk. Ayang gitu lho!! ~_^

Mau ikutan??? Buruan.. bentar lagi ditutup soalnya.

Cek aja disini.

Gratisan dari Mamak Ira

Kali ini Mamak Ira ngadain Gratisan yang gampaaaaaaaaaaaaaang banget caranya.
Gampang caranya tapi bukan gampangan lhoo hadiahnya.
Beneran dehh!!
Gak percaya?? Cek aja di Blognya Mamak Ira

Monday, 11 July 2011

My 1st Granny Cushion

I got fascinated with Daisy Square Pillow from MyRoseValley which (by the way) I found from Sara's Blog and more fascinated with all pillow she's made from granny.

It's like WOW!!!! So pretty!!

I try to make one too for myself.

Unfortunately, I still can't figure it out how to crochet that Daisy Square :(
I really try. But still no good result. So I just crochet one with basic granny.


Granny for my office chair

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Our Book; Rajutan Inspiratif

Hi craft lovers ^_^
I'm sooo Happy!!

Alhamdulillah... our cro-knit book is finally finished.

This is DC 1st book and guess what?!? It's also the 1st cro-knit book which made by a bunch of people. There are 10 people in this book. For me, it was a great honor. I never imagine that I will write a pattern. Not even once. So when Sis Thata asked me to joined her writing in this book, its like dream. 

She's not only asking me to write a pattern but she also encouraging me to do it. So even I can only write one pattern for this book, but I'm happy. Coz I got lots of lesson in the process.

Thank you Allah.
Thank you Sis Thata.
Thank you all my BIG Sister @ Dinamic CroKnit.

LOVE Y'all 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Festival Rajutan Indonesia 2011 (Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival)

Salut to my dear crochet and knit lovers!!
It's July now and 10 days more to Indonesian Knit and Crochet Festival 2011.

This event will be held in Musium Bank Mandiri (Jakarta) on July 16-17 2011. Lots of fun will happened. Bazaar, Crochet n Knitting Course, Workshop and many more. And guessed what?!?! You might have a chance to meet your fav. designer like Thata Pang.

So don't forget to mark ur calendar ladies!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Gold Flower Necklace

Hi friends!!
Hows ur weekend??
Mine was great!

Just attending old friend's wedding @ Hotel Sultan on Saturday. There.. I met with some other friends and it was like reunion. Gosh!! can't hardly believe that 11 years has passed since our High School Graduation. Time flies so damn fast!!

On Sunday.. I just spent my day with crocheting this necklace. 

It was made from Thalenta Rayon (Gold Color) with Clover 4/00. I just add round bead in the center of the flower, and some seed beads around.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pink Crochet Slipper

Last week I went to Surabaya, West Java for some work.
Since I got 1st flight (thanks to my travel agent) while my manager got 2nd flight, so I still got an hour and a half for hanging around in the airport, waiting for my manager.

And I found this in one of gift shop there.

A pink crocheted slipper with crocheted flowers. Cute na?
Too bad they don't have my size ;)


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