Monday, 11 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 1

Few month a go, a friend asked me if I can crocheted an earflap with PORORO Figure for her son.  I bet you know what Pororo is. Specially you who have kids ;)
Yes!! You got it!! Pororo is this little penguin!!

So, I finally crocheted that hat last week. Since... another friend also asked me to crocheting this stuff for her. 

2 person already... I can't delay it again, right?! or GOD may get angry and make my customers dissapear. Puff!! Just like that.

After several times trying .. finally... I present this PORORO Earflap to you.. my beloved readers. 



Material: Thalenta ICTS for its body
                          Thalenta TS for its face and glasses
                                             Thalenta ICT for its blue skin and lining of its hat

 Since I don't have kid's head mannequin, so I just use what I got at home :D

What I hate when crocheting figures is those details like eyes, nose, etc.
Feels like wanna screamed >.<
Did anyone ever feel like what i feel??

Anyway... I'm glad I could finally finished it. Still got one more to crochet though ;)

Happy crafting y'all ;)


  1. Karya-karya rendanya sangat kreatif!!!bagus banget....salam kenal ya.

  2. Makasih.. salam kenal juga ya Yunims.

  3. mahu order pororo earlap plz pm me the price

    1. Hi Masyita.
      I already sent you email.


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