Friday, 31 October 2008

Lovely Sakura

See this lovely square???
We called it Sakura Square. Actually, sis Fenny from DC who found that name.

This square is the latest square creation from Mbak Thata. After made this pattern, she ask to our DC forum, who would like to try it, as a pattern tester. 5 member was choosen to made this square.

The rules was simple. We just try to do it without asking to each others so Mbak Thata had the picture on how difficult it is for people to understand the pattern. And it turns out that we all understand the pattern well and now you can see for urself.

What a lovely sakura I have here.

Big Applaus for Mbak Thata ^_^

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pink Illution Hat

I made this white-pink hat with pattern from Mbak Thata's 2nd book of crocheting on saturday (sept 5th).

I failed @ 1st place, but finally did it after sis Fenny shows me how to do it.

This hat, was made from local ICT plain n Clover hook no. 5. I add one flower pin so this hat can be use in 2 ways, just like the pic.

Now, this hat is belong to Lika, my friend's daughter.


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Orange-Green Dress

Just finished it yesterday. I took the pattern from Mbak Thata's 2nd book. It supposed to be in Pink since the tittle of the pattern is Little Pinky.. but i got but bored with pink, so I did it in this orange and green ICT.

First I tried it with Hook No.4, but it always turn curly. So after chatting with Sis Fenny, I change the hook to No.3. Did well... but I had another prob. Well.. this dress became small. Not like the ori pattern (hiks) so I didn't finished all the pop dc. Just made 1 row of it.

Still curious.. so I've planned to make another one. Maybe in pink just like in the book.

Wish me luck ^_^


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