Thursday, 22 December 2011

{ExChange Gift} Doily from Sis Tinu

DC is having another X-Change Project.
This time is End of Year Exchange Gift.

My partner for this event is Mba Tinu n Mba Dini. The rule is... I got gift from mba Tinu while mba Dini will have gift from me. 

And today.... when I arrived @ my office, I found an envelope on my keyboard. Turned out that it was a gift from Mba Tinu. A very colorful doily. Love it !!!

But I haven't got any idea what should I give to Mba Dini. 
Please.. help!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

{WIP} Pine Shawl

I start this project about a week a ago and only doing it after work. This time I made it using Indonesian Cotton which I bought from BenangRajutQ. This was the 1st time I bought yarns from them. While the pattern, I got it from a Japanese book.

The actual color is Pale green. But since I took a pic using my BB (during night) so it look not so green at all. Just blame it on my BB camera ^_~

The problem is... I run out of yarn. I only got 1, but yet I insist to crochet this shawl. And now.. I had to stop it coz no more yarn!

I guess it's time to order again ^_~

^__^ happy crafting friends

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bible Cover part 1

Got an order from a friend. 4 pcs of Bible Cover but I just finished these 2. 

Made from Thalenta ICT Plain.

Syela (the one who ordered this) wants the cover with zipper and initial of each one of her friends. Isn't she lovely. Gifting her friends but in the same time, she also kinda reminds her friend to read bible more often. 

So, for bonus I add bookmark for them.

Hope they'll love it.

Happy crafting friends ^__^

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Flower Hairpin

Hi all!!
Its been quite a while since I crocheted things and post it here. 
So last night I made flowers while watching Bones. It was just simple flowers from some left over yarn.

Crocheted flower, hairpin and glue. That's all you need to make this hairpin.

Happy crafting friends.. ^___^

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Color of Inspiration

It's raining outside.
Can't go home right away.
So just hanging around, searching for inspiration from color on net.


from here
from here

from here
from here

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

End of September Project

Long time no see ^_^
I just finished several thing with crochet. Just some simple thing to get rid off my yarn so I have reason to buy new one ;)

So far, I made this two beanie with its headband using Indonesian Cotton.
 with Mimo Melati (brand of the yarn)

with Thalenta ICT
Also made this Granny Jacket (again). This time was an order from a frien, Titin for her Baby Althaf. This was made with Thalenta Softy Cotton. As requested, I made it bigger than usual size. Hope she'll satisfied with my work.

Last one... I start crocheted something with blend Indonesian Cotton. You know.. sometimes I amaze how yarn can create its own shape or pattern when you crochet it. Just like this one.

See how a simple sc can shape diamond like that?!?! Amazing na??!

Have a GREAT Day Friends ^__^

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Baby Bottle Bag with Bear Applique

Never imagine before that I'll got an order to crochet this thing. A bag for baby bottle. But yet, Iin (a friend from prev. office) ordered this.

1st, she wants it in green. Then she change her mind and ask for rainbow color. So I run into sis Fenny's ol shop and asked her to send me Blend ICT of rainbow color.

Try this stitches, try that stitches, and VOILA!! A Baby Bottle Bag with adjustable sling and bear applique. 

I just sew part of the bear, so it can be a pocket ^__^

Hope she'll like it ^__^

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hat Key Chain

These are 200 pcs (of 450 pcs) hat key-chain for Uchie & Dion's Wedding. I crocheted them from various color of Indonesian Cotton (Blend and Plain).

Uchie only gave me about a month to crocheted these hat. Thanks GOD, Alhamdulillah I can do it on time.

By the way.. they already married last saturday.

Hope you'll be Happily Ever After dear ^___^

Friday, 9 September 2011

1st Award for my Creativity

As I walked through by blog today, I found a message on my board. It's from mba Fillyawie, a very very creative designer in wire and beads (please do correct me if I'm wrong sis). I always admire her and her work. I admirer her effort in teaching others to be more creative. 

So, back to my award. Honestly, I like and dislike blogger award at the same time. Why?? Coz there's always a task behind most of those blogger award. And I'm not good in doing task. Just like this one. I can only do 1 of 2 task from this award. So sorry for that Mba Fillyawie. Hope you understand >.<

The 1st task is to tell 7 things about me. Ok. Get ready friends!!

1. I LOVE Books
    Yup! I love to read almost any kind of book. In the I always keep my books for my self. I mean, I do let my friend to borrow it. I'm not that mean you know. But lately I also like to share it to they who need it. For you who love books, I'm sure you know that sometimes, book are quite expensive. Especially those hard cover book with glossy paper. And how can we expect kids to love reading if we can't provide them with good and educating books if the price is high. So I try share some of them. I can't do BIG thing, but it doesn't mean that I couldn't do anything, right?!?

2. I LOVE Crafting
    These past few years I found comfort in crafting. I feel that crafting is a great escape from my hectic life. Playing with yarn, beads, mix n matching colors, those thing make my day brighter. I know I'm still unfocused. I mean, I do little crochet, little knit, little bullion, little beads. Little in every thing. I wish I can find in which side of craft my passion is. 

3. Writing a Book is My Dream
    I wish I could achieve it someday. Soon. By the way, thanks to sis Thata who's so generous, she gave me opportunity to join her in her new Crochet n Knit Book which already available @ local book store ;)

4. A Worker who dreamed to be a Self-employed 
    I dream it almost every day. Be a boss for myself.

5. Moody Me
    I still try to work this out. Reducing my up and down mood. I did. Believe me. But unfortunately it's not as easy as I think.

6. I Love Me
    Sound narcissism isn't it? But that's the way it is. Time thought me to love myself before I could love others, before other can love me. If I can't love my self then how come I expected others to love me??

7. Blogging is my Escape
    Hectic day at work, annoying friends, failed target, those office bad moment can be heal with blogging. Just do some blog walking or even posting something on my own blog then the pain will be less and less. 

So that was 7 things about me. I'm so sorry coz I can't fulfill the second task >.<

PS: Actually sis Fillyawie post this award at my other blog but since she said I got this award because she likes my crafting works -crochet- so I decided to post it here.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Pashmina Bergaya

Long time no see.
It's been a while since my last post here.

Still busy with Ramadhan (reciting Holy Qur'an, fasting, plus baking cookies :D)
But I can finally have time to crocheted Pashmina (shawl??)

Got the pattern from Rajutan Cantik (3rd book of Thata Pang). Actually, I already got the pattern way before this book was published. But yet, never succeed. Finally, I made this during our Independence holiday. I'm using Thalenta Softy Cotton (Purple) and Thalenta ICT (pink bit purple) with clover hook 3.25

To bad, this pashmina was to small for cubby me ;). Plan to make it with bigger yarn n hook.

Happy Crafting ^__~

Monday, 8 August 2011

Another (Surprise) Bag in August

August is full of surprise and BAGS!
Why so???
Coz this month I received 2 beautiful bag.
One.. is from my best friend. She gave me this simple awesome PUMA bag as b'day gift (although its been months after my b'day). 
And today I finally receive Totebag from Sis Sari. The story behind this bag is that I won her 1st Giveaway. 
My 1st gift I ever won since I joined giveaway on blogs. And I'm so thrilled!!!!

Isn't it pretty!!?!?!?!

Pink Package with cute note

the cute Rainbow Totebag receptionist was jealous of me. She wants this totebag too (I opened the package in her desk :D)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hi Again!!

Hi fellas!!
Start to posting again. But still with no new project.
It's Ramadhan month now for moslem and that means fasting for a month. Other than work.. I still busy with crocheting souvenirs for my Best Friend's sister's wedding next month.

I crocheted small hat and the plan is to change it into key chain. Only had 3 weeks to go to crocheted 500 pieces of that hat key chain. Wish I could make it.

Anyway.. happy crafting friends.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I Won!!

Just a quick post.

Got news from Sis Sari from AmiAbi that I won her 1st giveaway project. And guessed what?!?!!? I won that cute Rainbow Totebag.

Almost can't believe it (since I never won any giveaway before.

Thanks for Sis Sari!!
Can't hardly wait so hold that cute totebag ;)

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Bye for a while

from here
Just wanna say Bye for a While.

Got a busy day and an urgent project. So I'll away for a while from this crafting blog.

Hope y'all keep crafting ;)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sneak Peek from Indonesian Crochet & Knit Festival 2011 (FRI)

Hi y'all!!
Hows ur weekend?
Mine was GREAT although got headache for few days. But the rest was so AWESOME!!!

There was Crocheting & Knitting Festival that held  in Bank Mandiri Museum (Kota) from 16 to 17 Juli 2011. Our Dinamic CroKnit group opened 1 stand there. Selling books and our craft project. 

Here's some pic of our stand ;)

Day 1

Sis Rini with all things for DC's Stand

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

{giveaway} Ammi & Abi

Hi there!!
Another giveaway I joined in this month.
After joining COCOMOMO and MAMAK IRA, now its time to join 1st give away from Ammi & Abi.

She got 2 pretty things for this giveway.

A Totebag

and a Pouch.

I already did what she asked. Now time to cross my finger and pray.

New Book from Netherland

Just wanna share my happy day!!!
Yesterday I received a package from my auntie and found lots of good stuff inside.

2 pair of shoe, trousers, glasses and these 2 book which I LOVE the MOST.

Both of them are about knitting. 

This one here is about some stitches of knit. 

While this one, GOSH!! I really love all the pattern here. 

All I want now is to find someone who understand dutch, can knit and willing to help me translating this book so I can try the pattern.

Anyone care to help me??

{giveaway} Cocomomo

Ada giveaway lohhhh di Cocomomo !!!
Hadiahnya??? Kuereeeeennn banget deh.


Beneran keren kan?!?! Sapa dulu dunk. Ayang gitu lho!! ~_^

Mau ikutan??? Buruan.. bentar lagi ditutup soalnya.

Cek aja disini.

Gratisan dari Mamak Ira

Kali ini Mamak Ira ngadain Gratisan yang gampaaaaaaaaaaaaaang banget caranya.
Gampang caranya tapi bukan gampangan lhoo hadiahnya.
Beneran dehh!!
Gak percaya?? Cek aja di Blognya Mamak Ira

Monday, 11 July 2011

My 1st Granny Cushion

I got fascinated with Daisy Square Pillow from MyRoseValley which (by the way) I found from Sara's Blog and more fascinated with all pillow she's made from granny.

It's like WOW!!!! So pretty!!

I try to make one too for myself.

Unfortunately, I still can't figure it out how to crochet that Daisy Square :(
I really try. But still no good result. So I just crochet one with basic granny.


Granny for my office chair

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Our Book; Rajutan Inspiratif

Hi craft lovers ^_^
I'm sooo Happy!!

Alhamdulillah... our cro-knit book is finally finished.

This is DC 1st book and guess what?!? It's also the 1st cro-knit book which made by a bunch of people. There are 10 people in this book. For me, it was a great honor. I never imagine that I will write a pattern. Not even once. So when Sis Thata asked me to joined her writing in this book, its like dream. 

She's not only asking me to write a pattern but she also encouraging me to do it. So even I can only write one pattern for this book, but I'm happy. Coz I got lots of lesson in the process.

Thank you Allah.
Thank you Sis Thata.
Thank you all my BIG Sister @ Dinamic CroKnit.

LOVE Y'all 

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Festival Rajutan Indonesia 2011 (Indonesia Knit and Crochet Festival)

Salut to my dear crochet and knit lovers!!
It's July now and 10 days more to Indonesian Knit and Crochet Festival 2011.

This event will be held in Musium Bank Mandiri (Jakarta) on July 16-17 2011. Lots of fun will happened. Bazaar, Crochet n Knitting Course, Workshop and many more. And guessed what?!?! You might have a chance to meet your fav. designer like Thata Pang.

So don't forget to mark ur calendar ladies!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Gold Flower Necklace

Hi friends!!
Hows ur weekend??
Mine was great!

Just attending old friend's wedding @ Hotel Sultan on Saturday. There.. I met with some other friends and it was like reunion. Gosh!! can't hardly believe that 11 years has passed since our High School Graduation. Time flies so damn fast!!

On Sunday.. I just spent my day with crocheting this necklace. 

It was made from Thalenta Rayon (Gold Color) with Clover 4/00. I just add round bead in the center of the flower, and some seed beads around.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Pink Crochet Slipper

Last week I went to Surabaya, West Java for some work.
Since I got 1st flight (thanks to my travel agent) while my manager got 2nd flight, so I still got an hour and a half for hanging around in the airport, waiting for my manager.

And I found this in one of gift shop there.

A pink crocheted slipper with crocheted flowers. Cute na?
Too bad they don't have my size ;)

Friday, 17 June 2011

Yes!! They Here!!

So happy this morning!
Got a package from Sis Fenny (Bandung).

Well.. few days a go I ordered few thing from Aiko Creation (her ol craft shop). They are:
  • 3 balls of Softy Cotton from Thalenta
  • Bamboo hook size 6.00
  • Rattan Handle
and they finally arrived this morning!

Hmmm.. can't hardly wait to dance with my fingers again ;)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Will Have This (Someday)!!

Just spend my time for browsing and my mouth open wide because of these room. It's like.. WOOOOOOOW!!!!! 

So pretty, so colorful, so inspiring!!
I will have room like this to. And even better. Someday!!


Steph W. Crafting Room
Andrea Singarella's Playing Room
I found it here
Heather Bailey's Crafting Room

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blue Granny Jacket

Material: Mimo ICT Plain

This was another thing which I crocheted last weekend.
A blue granny jacket for my friend. She just having a baby boy. Congrats for her ^_^
Unfortunately, I got stuck with the application for this jacket. So far, I haven't add anything to make this jacket cuter.

Do you have any idea, guys??

Yellow n Green for Maharani

Material: 1 ball Thalenta Softone ICT and 50gr Thalenta Plain ICT

Last weekend I spent my day crocheting this dress for Maharani (my friend's baby gal).
Mba Wulan (Maharani's mom) likes this color coz this color makes Maharani looks brighter and I agree with her choice.
Too bad Maharani is not feeling good right now. I just called mba Wulan and she said that Maharani got problem with her digestion. In fact she already had digestion problem since baby. Hope that she don't have to stay in hospital.

Get well soon my pretty gal ^^

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Princess Dija:My Maya Niece

Hi all!!
I just wanna post a pic of KHADIJA aka DIJA. 
A special gal whom I found while I was blog walking few months a go.

Last March was her 1st B'day. 
So I crocheted 2 things for her ( I already post it here somewhere).
And here's her pic with that 2 things ;)
got the pic from here
Isn't she pretty???

Green Granny Jacket

Again.. with me and Granny Jacket.
This time, I crocheted this jacket based on Ria's Request for her 1st baby boy. She ordered it with just telling that she wants it in green.

So I made this jacket from Mba Thata's pattern with some adjustment and adding hoodie.

Hope she'll love it.

2 balls of Thalenta Softy Cotton (green)
1/4 ball of Thalenta Softy Cotton (dark brown)
Clover hook 3.25mm
Plastic Button

Green Jacket

Green Jacket in da Box ;)


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