Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy Week

Hi friend!!
How are you all this week?
Great I hope.

It's been a busy week for me.
Office work piling,
some appointment with friends,
visiting my aunt n uncle in different city, 
a visit from my dearest uncle,  
some orders flowing to my crafting room.
Quite busy na?!
But I always try to enjoy every second of it ;)
 and still.. try to buy a new yarn.
This time I try softy cotton from Keidi's
which owned by Sis Ike, a friend from Dinamic_CroKnit mailing list.


Still don't know what to crochet with this yarn.
But I'm sure I'll find it out soon enough.

In the meantime....
Just wish you all a happy crafting ;)


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Another Angry Bird and Baby Headband

Hi all!!
How are you all today?
Doin great I hope ;)

It's my 2nd week of work after Eid day.
and after 2 weeks, all back to normal again.
Piles of paper work, documents to check,
some invoices, and some other. 

Still try to 'steal' some time to crochet but only for simple stuff 
and finishing some orders. 

You might get bored with what I post
well.. I kinda bored too.
what can I say.. Client is the Queen of all.
 and those Queens wants Earflap :D

And this..
was the latest earflap I made before Eid Holiday 

Angry Bird Earflap for 3yo and a Headband for 12 mths baby.
I use Softy Cotton for the earflap, and 2cm lace for the headband.

And now..
still try to steal some time for another project.

Happy crafting all ;)


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