Thursday, 28 June 2012

Baby Nang with His Pororo

So happy when my customer satisfied with my creation.
And I couldn't be more happier than to see them wearing my product.

And today.. with a big smile on my round face ;) I presented this cute baby boy to you.


He's the 1st child of my friend, Rama

Since he was a new born baby, I always LOVE his smile. 

For me it's a mix between cute and naughty smile. 


Thank you, Daddy Rama, for sending this cute pic of Ganang ;)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 3 & 4, for Ganang n Galang

Hi guys!!
Its been a while since my last post.
How u doin??
Great I hope ;)

It's Tuesday now and my paper work were piling.
But yet.. steal few minute of my lunch time to greet you.

And off course to post some of my work.

Say hi to sweet pororo (again)

So last week..
My friend PING me and asked about this Pororo Earflap
(which I put as my profile picture)


He ordered 2 piece of this Pinguin Earflap
One is for his baby boy, Ganang...

Incase you forgot him...
Just take a look of this pic

This is Ganang, months ago.
with his Granny Jacket made by me as a gift ;)

While the other earflap is for His Nephew = Ganang's cousin
aka. Galang

I still don't have Galang's Pic.
But ...
I already ask his uncle aka my friend to take a pic of him
or maybe.. take a pic of both of them

Just wait and see ;)

Monday, 18 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 2

Good afternoon, dearest friends. 
Wish you all a Super Great Day ;)

Another order finished. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah. 
Hope you wont get bored with this project. 
Yeah... another PORORO Earflap, ordered by my friend for her kiddo.

Since I run out of orange color..
So I use this yellow one. 
What do you think??

Hold your answer please....
Now see this picture which I got from google. 

Turn out that this PORORO's hat was actually in yellow. 
So.. is that mean that my 1st one was crocheted in wrong color??

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mood Booster

Busy day..
Lost of paper work..
But yet, 
Felt so sleepy.

All I wanna do is just grab my pillow
and lay my head down.

But then..
My receptionist came,
with a package in her hand. 


My new stashes just arrived.
Red and pale yellow.

The yellow one is too pale, actually. 
But still...
They had brighten my busy day. 

They are..
My mood booster ;)

Monday, 11 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 1

Few month a go, a friend asked me if I can crocheted an earflap with PORORO Figure for her son.  I bet you know what Pororo is. Specially you who have kids ;)
Yes!! You got it!! Pororo is this little penguin!!

So, I finally crocheted that hat last week. Since... another friend also asked me to crocheting this stuff for her. 

2 person already... I can't delay it again, right?! or GOD may get angry and make my customers dissapear. Puff!! Just like that.

After several times trying .. finally... I present this PORORO Earflap to you.. my beloved readers. 



Material: Thalenta ICTS for its body
                          Thalenta TS for its face and glasses
                                             Thalenta ICT for its blue skin and lining of its hat

 Since I don't have kid's head mannequin, so I just use what I got at home :D

What I hate when crocheting figures is those details like eyes, nose, etc.
Feels like wanna screamed >.<
Did anyone ever feel like what i feel??

Anyway... I'm glad I could finally finished it. Still got one more to crochet though ;)

Happy crafting y'all ;)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

{Flowers} Here .. there... and every where

Last month, my mommy was so.. so.. crazy about flowers. She crocheted flowers with various colors. She just let her finger dance. No clue, no pattern. Just follow her heart :)

But at the end, she got no clue what to do with those flowers. So.. I picked up my stashes box, along with my glue gun. And Voila!!

We got 3 hairpins and several brooches. 

Some of them are SOLD OUT to my friends.

Hmm.. seems that it was a GOOD Collaboration ;)

Happy Crafting Friends ^^

Monday, 4 June 2012

{Crafting} 1st Project in June

I finally finished one of my crochet project on this 1st week of June. Well, actually, I started from May, but finished it last Friday and its June already.

Don’t think of BIG project please! Coz you might get disappointing. It was only a simple Slouchy Hat. Totally simple! I’m only using sc and dc. But for me it’s a new thing. 1st .. I never crocheted any slouchy before. 2nd.. I never crocheting hat from the bottom. And I found it little bit hard. I feel like my stitches is always twisting around >.< and 3rd… this slouchy hat was an order from a friend. So I kinda nervous.

But thanks GOD I could finish it. Off course with so many help from my friend through ‘PING’ing her Blackberry. Thanks a lot Sis Aning!!

And now…. let me introduce you to my 1st Slouchy Hat. Taraaaa!!!

Not bad naa?!?!
Ahhh!! I feel so relieve!!
Alhamdulillah.. Thanks GOD.


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