Friday, 27 January 2012

Our Book: Pernak-Pernik Rajutan

I'm soo happy!!
Coz our 2nd book is finally available in book stores.

If you often read my blog.. I bet you know that last year, Dinamic CroKnit has published a book called RAJUTAN INSPIRATIF.

And what you see below is our 2nd book. Here you can find various patterns for household or house ornament and small fancy thing such as doily, glass cover, and many more.

This book still written in Indonesian with 2 kind of pattern (written pattern and diagram) so it would be easy for you.

So grab it fast and try these beautiful pattern of my friends in DC.

Happy Crafting ^_^

Blue.. just for You

I often confuse in gifting others.
Specially friends from my Crochet-Knitting Mailing List.
I feel that my creation is nothing, compared to them.

I can only do simple stitches like sc, dc.
or various book of cool patterns.
But I do love you my dear friend,
as much as my love to Blue.
and I wanna give you something special ...
for this Year End Gift X-change

Here it is..
Something Blue just for you.
to accompany you to many places
and help you carry you belongings

I crocheted this sling bag for Mba Dini
Hope that she'll like this bag.

Monday, 9 January 2012

{Finished} Pine Shawl

I'm welcoming January by finishing my Pine Shawl wip. You remember it right?!?! The one which had to be stopped because I run out of yarn??

1st ball of yarn
the pine
I finally finished! Yay!!!
There's a difference of tone between the 1st yarn I bought with the last one *sigh*.
Lesson for me was to prepare the yarn 1st before crafting things!! Never insist to make things from limited stock of yarn!!

Material: Indonesian Cotton from BenangrajutQ
Crochet hook 4.00
Length: 127cm
Width: 45cm 

Happy Crafting Friends!!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year with New Sock

It's 4th day of this New Year! I bet this New Year Spirit still around us. Right??

Did you receive any gift for New Year??
I did. Its really unexpected gift from a friend.

Yesterday was my 1st day of work after few day off. And as I lay my bag on my chair, there it was a brown envelope on my keyboard. Its quite a surprise since I didn't expecting anything but book (since I ordered book from online store). But this package was to light for a book. I turned it around... and...Taraaaa!!! It was from Mba Tety.. a friend of mine from Dinamic CroKnit mailing list. Gosh!! Isn't she nice?? sending me this... beautiful thing that she made by herself.

Knitting Sock by Tety

the actual color is left pic
You see.. its really beautifull right!!
I'm so lucky right?!

Thank you Allah, Thank you mba Tety ^__^

Happy crafting ^_^

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

Hi Friends!!
Happy New Year to all of you!!
May this year bring happiness and joy to all of you, where ever you are.

This is compilation of Dynamic CroKnit End Year Project.
Mba Thata as the owner asked us to crochet flowers and butterflies. So here they are..

DC's End Year Project


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