Friday, 27 July 2012

{New Baby} Prabu Arjuna

About a month a ago my dearest best friend Rika was having her 1st nephew.
 He was a very very cute baby boy named Prabu Arjuna. 

See that chubby cheek?? Feel like wanna bite it :D

I've visited him, but yet I haven't bring any gift.
Well.. not really my mistake, 
coz his aunt kinda kidnapped me from my office and bring me to her house 
where this cute and calm baby boy stayed.

He was sleeping on that evening. 
And although his aunt and his gramps make some noise to wake him up..
He just slept like nothing happened.
and all of that noise didn't bother him at all. 

He just gave us a pose.

Isn't he cute???

So.. about the present. 
Since his aunt and mom know that I can crochet baby stuff,
They want me play with my yarns and make something for him. 

I still have no idea what to make.
But at that time.. I know that I have the perfect yarn for him.

Light Blue Softy Cotton from Thalenta.
The real color of these balls is more beautiful than what you see in this pic.
Trust me ;)

Almost feel like she (Prabu's mom) can read my mind..
she suddenly said 'please don't make anything in blue. I had enough.'

Feel like wanna cry.. coz I already prepare few balls of that blue yarn + navy blue
Now I have to search for another color.

Any suggestion??

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