Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Happy (Belated) Yarn Day

Last Friday...
Our Dinamic_CroKnit group celebrating Yarn Day.
and to celebrate it, Mba Thata came up with these ideas.

1. We exchange gift and the gift should be related to crocheting or knitting. 
So it could be yarns, book, hook, stopper, etc.
Then... we should sent the gift on Oct 12 (last Friday)
2. We should put a photo of our self or family or relatives or even friends who wore our creation. The idea was to be a narcissistic for a day ;)

so here's my pic which I called

Semi Narcissistic

and my friends complaint for it.
They said that the only thing whose being narcissistic in that pic is my flower hairpin.
And yes.. it's a hair pin and not a brooch

What do u think??

And now.. about a gift..
Last Monday.. I finally received my gift.
It's 3 ball of Thalenta yarn sent by Mba Dini (Malang)

 a ball of softy wool
a ball of bulky
and finally a ball of yarn which textured like towel.

Lucky me!!

Hmm.. I wonder what should I crocheted with those lovely yarns. 

Any idea??

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Brooch.. Everywhere

There's dark cloud outside..
Hope it will be raining today.
Coz it's been months since our last rain.

So I hope 
October could bring some good news.
Like Rain.

I made something this week.
Just some flower brooch for my friend Rahma.

Green Flower with Beads
I really don't know what to call it. 
I just let my finger dance to make a flower. 
to make it different than usual, 
I sew beads around it.
How is it??

 I call it..
Cause there are 3 flowers in 1 brooch.

I got the pattern from sewritzytitzy 
Love the pattern a lot
but for this time I only worked untill 3rd row.
I will do it exactly like the pattern next time.
I Promise ^_^

Last but not least.
I call it Sun Shine
Still playing with beads and pearl (not real pear)
And somehow.. I really love it
 I made it without pattern at all. 

This brooches are ready to delivered ;)


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