Tuesday, 26 June 2012

{Earflap} Pororo part 3 & 4, for Ganang n Galang

Hi guys!!
Its been a while since my last post.
How u doin??
Great I hope ;)

It's Tuesday now and my paper work were piling.
But yet.. steal few minute of my lunch time to greet you.

And off course to post some of my work.

Say hi to sweet pororo (again)

So last week..
My friend PING me and asked about this Pororo Earflap
(which I put as my profile picture)


He ordered 2 piece of this Pinguin Earflap
One is for his baby boy, Ganang...

Incase you forgot him...
Just take a look of this pic

This is Ganang, months ago.
with his Granny Jacket made by me as a gift ;)

While the other earflap is for His Nephew = Ganang's cousin
aka. Galang

I still don't have Galang's Pic.
But ...
I already ask his uncle aka my friend to take a pic of him
or maybe.. take a pic of both of them

Just wait and see ;)


Hi There!!
Thanks for stopping by.
Please leave your color here ^_^


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