Thursday, 22 December 2011

{ExChange Gift} Doily from Sis Tinu

DC is having another X-Change Project.
This time is End of Year Exchange Gift.

My partner for this event is Mba Tinu n Mba Dini. The rule is... I got gift from mba Tinu while mba Dini will have gift from me. 

And today.... when I arrived @ my office, I found an envelope on my keyboard. Turned out that it was a gift from Mba Tinu. A very colorful doily. Love it !!!

But I haven't got any idea what should I give to Mba Dini. 
Please.. help!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

{WIP} Pine Shawl

I start this project about a week a ago and only doing it after work. This time I made it using Indonesian Cotton which I bought from BenangRajutQ. This was the 1st time I bought yarns from them. While the pattern, I got it from a Japanese book.

The actual color is Pale green. But since I took a pic using my BB (during night) so it look not so green at all. Just blame it on my BB camera ^_~

The problem is... I run out of yarn. I only got 1, but yet I insist to crochet this shawl. And now.. I had to stop it coz no more yarn!

I guess it's time to order again ^_~

^__^ happy crafting friends


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