Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Pencil Case for SD juara

I made this pencil case yesterday. Made it for kids in SD. Juara as part FDWL charity program.

The blue one is made from Blue & White ICT. Add it with plastic flower and zipper. While the Green one. Made it with ICT blend (green n yellow) and add it with plastic button.

For this 2, I'm only using dc.

^_^ Hope they'll like it

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Pencil Case

I made this pencil case few days a go by using illusion stitch from Sis Tatha.

I ask my mom to sew the zipper coz I can't sew.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pouch for Cell

I made this a month a go by using Tatha's pattern and have modified it. Well.. not really modified, but just adjusting it with material that I have @ home. In that book, she was using rayon cotton while me, I'm using ICT.

Selimut Ezie

Inget kan cerita Nda beberapa waktu lalu, bahwa Nda dan Mba Rini akan berkolaborasi untuk menyambung 'square-square' sumbangan para warga DC untuk dijadikan selimut Mba Ezie??

Nahhh.. ini dia nih hasil kolaborasi itu. FYI, ini pertama kalinya Nda menyambung square untuk selimut. Not an easy thing, but yet, not a hard one also.

Kali ini selimutnya banyak bertebaran bunga sakura. Gimana engga, coz waktu selimut ini dibuat, DC itu lagi demam Sakura squarenya mba Tatha.

Hasilnya memang belum sempurna. Tapi untuk pemula.. not to bad lah.

Semoga suka ^_^

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Red Bag

Just wanna share this red and white bag.
I made it last night, and finished it this morning.

It's a gift for my friend's little sister. I choose red, coz she likes that color. Plus, according to my friend, she's an active and cheerful little gal.

Hmmm.. hopefully she'll like it.

FYI, I took the pattern from Sis Tatha 1st book but I enlarge the size.


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