Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mood Booster

Busy day..
Lost of paper work..
But yet, 
Felt so sleepy.

All I wanna do is just grab my pillow
and lay my head down.

But then..
My receptionist came,
with a package in her hand. 


My new stashes just arrived.
Red and pale yellow.

The yellow one is too pale, actually. 
But still...
They had brighten my busy day. 

They are..
My mood booster ;)


  1. Hi Amanda I am Shari and I am from Louisiana,US.I am your newest follower!! Question for you.. Is this YOU singing to the music on your blog?? This is the MOST beautiful song I have ever heard!! I am also a passionate crocheter so If you ever have time come visit!! Shari :)

  2. Hi Shari. Welcome to my blog.
    No.. I'm not a singer. This song is from Japanese Singer, Utada Hikaru.


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