Friday, 29 May 2009

Happy B'day Teteh

I made this doily last month, as a B'day gift for my beloved sis Fenny from DC. FYI, she's an angel in DC Land. There are so many angelic things that she has done, not only for DC member, but also for DC's family.

This doily was made from Winter Sunshine with clover hook no.3/0. Pstt.... WSS is the latest yarn from THALENTA. It's a great thing. You wont regret it. I swear :)

Happy B'day Teteh Cantik.
Wish You All the BEST.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Freshy Orange for Baby Nessa

Looked so fresh, right?! That's why I called it Freshy Orange. Using Indonesian Cotton with Clover hook no.4/0, it took me about almost 2 weeks to finished it, since I'm only doing it in train on my way to work and sometime at night before I go to bed. I got the pattern from a Japanese book.

Made this for Dina's Baby, Nessa. Kinda late I guess. But better late then never, right?!

Hope both Mommy n Baby Nessa will like this.


For Nabila from Mommy

I've just sit on my chair when Aini came to me and drop a plastic bag on my desk.

Since it was transparent so I can see that it was crochet. But still.. I was curious with it so I open it.

And Voila!!
It was a headband and small bag. She said that she made those for her little princess, Nabila.

Her work was neat but still, I complained her. I mean, Nabila is a pretty little gal. So why make her look old with those dark color?!? Can't you find something bright for her?!? Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, but Dark Blue?!

Wave of Love

Did you know that FDWL had 4 different type of square?? What?! You didn't know?!
Well.. let me tell you this. Our beloved Mrs. Thata has created 4 different square for FDWL. The first one is Round in Square, 2nd one is 3 D Popcorn Square, 3rd one is Wave of Love, and the last one is Bullion Ruffle Flower Square.

Like I said in my previous post, this year, FDWL's project is to make baby blanket. Me and my mommy already made 1 blanket from 1st square pattern. And few weeks ago, I tried to make another one from 3rd pattern: Wave of Love.

It's kinda hard for me. I mean crocheting
the square was easy, but joined them?! That's the hard part. Why??? Because the shape is not Square but Pentagon. And I never joined any pentagon before. Anyway... after several trial and error, I finally made this. Still not satisfied with the result, but I think it's quite good for now.

What do you think?!

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Aini's Cell Phone Case

This cell phone case was made by my office mate, Aini. She got interested in crochet after see me crocheting on my break time.

Actually, this case is not her 1st. After learning how to make sc and dc, she made a shawl for her BF. But unfortunately, she said no when I wann
a take a pic of it. But thanks got she finally said YES when I wanna take a pic of this one.

She made this, using ICT and Tulip hook No. 3, from Sis Thata's pattern on her 1st crocheting book. Since she didn't have any stopper (like the one in the book), she modified the case by making a flower. Cute isn't it??

Round In Square Blanket

Last month (April 28), I finished joining FDWL square into a baby blanket for another charity project of FDWL.

This blanket was made by using pattern that was specially design for FDWL Charity. For the material. I'm using ICT (Indonesian Cotton) from CraftandMe with Clover Hook No. 4.

Actually, my mom's made those squares and I just joined them. And the result?? Well.. to be honest, I'm still not satisfied with it. Seems that I need more and more practice in joining squares.

Anyway... here's the pic of the baby blanket.

New Book

Hi All!!
Long time no see :)
Today I wanna share my newest book. It was a gift from my best friend Rika. About few weeks a go, she went to SIN. And when she saw a book store, she remembered that I like crafting. So, she bought this book for me. She's so sweet isn't it????

Thank you so much for this lovely book, Ka.
I really like it ^_^


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