Thursday, 16 February 2012

7 Day in Love part 2

Ok.. continuing my previous post about DC Project called 7 Day in Love, here's my last 4. All most all of them was made from free pattern (got it from the net).

Day 4

Love Bobby Pins
 I was inspired by LDH. She crocheted a simple but pretty bobby pins. 
I really in love with her work. So I tried. But unfortunately I failed in crocheting Heart based on her pattern. So I tried my own.

Day 5

Rose Headband
Its still day 5 and I already stuck.
Feel clueless.. and really don't know what to crochet *sigh*
Checking my treasure box.. I remember that I just bought elastic lace. So I just cut it, joined them into circle with glue.. and just put a crochet rose on it.

Day 6

Hearts Around Doily

Found this pattern from
and I like it a lot. So I try the pattern and it turn out that so easy to crochet. 
I think I'll crocheted some more.

Day 7

My Key Chain
Finally!! Last day 7 Day in Love.
I made this simple key chain. 
Hopefully, I could fill my circle of life with love, with bright colors like flower.

Finally done!! Feel sooo relieved ^__^ 

See you on the next project ;)

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