Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Lovely Pink

Ini baju kecelakaan ini. Awalnya mau buat sesuai pola dibuku, tapi kok bagian roknya itu sederhana banget, cuma ch3 doank.

Akhirnya Nda rubah aja pake tusukan SHELL. Plus ditambahin pita dari buku ke-3 nya Mba Thata (tapi bunda yang buat pitanya).

And VOILA... beginilah hasilnya.

Psst.. foto modelnya NESSA, princessnya mba Dina.
Baru aqiqah dia, makanya botak. Tapi tetep cantik kan?!?!?!?!?!

PurplePink Set

This pinkpurple set was made based on order by Mrs. Wulan @ Bogor. For the jacket i made it based on Sis Thata's pattern with some modification. While its hat and headband, i just made up by myself.

Hmm.. hopefully it will suit to little Mahara ^_^

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thanks GUYS !!

Finally, Dinamic Crochet's charity project that was held last month (during Ramadhan) was finished.

Thank you so much for all support that been given. Thank you for trusting me in distributing those goodie bag (consist of rice, oil, nodle, etc) for 3 amazing woman (to bad only 1 of them want to be pictured).

For all donor, all doily buyer, thank you so much. You've been so kind in supporting this program.

It an unbelieveable experince for me.

Hmmm our next project Will dedicated for Padang.



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