Monday, 25 April 2011

New Project = New WIP

As I said on my previous post that I already finished one knitting project. And I think its time to have another knitting project. But still.. with something simple and straight :D

Using 4.00 with 40cm long circular needle with Thalenta's Blend Softy Cotton.
Can you guess what I try to make?


WIP's Done

Hi all!!
Hows your weekend??
Mine is Great coz I finally finished my longest WIP (still remember my prev. post??). 

It feels great when I finally finished this thing. I spend about 4 ball of Softy Cotton (@100gr) from Thalenta. Using 5.00, 4.5, and 4.00 bamboo nedlee. I finished this with help from Sis Rini. Thanks a lot sis ^_^

Hmm.. I think I start to like knitting :D

Monday, 18 April 2011

WIP: Almost 2 Years Old

This is my longest WIP ever. And what makes it even longer than my other WIP is b'cause this is knit. 

So far I've made it to knit the front and back part. Next thing to do is to joined them together and knit its shoulder part.
Really wish that I could finish it befor my B'day next month.


Monday, 11 April 2011

Beautiful Crochet Lace: Doily and Table Center

Book about doilies.
Got this book from my boss months a go.
Actually I got 2 book. This one is about Lace doily and the other one is about babies. I've tried some of pattern on this book.

This coaster below is one of them.

You can find the rest here and here.

Small Bag & Clutch

Do you have any left over yarn??
You do?!?!?
what did you do with it?
Did you try to make something from it? or just throw it away?
Here is what I did with my left over ;)


My Latest: Hat aka Beanie & Headband

Hows your weekend??

Mine is FUN! I spent my Sunday finishing application for hats that I've made about a week a ago. 

1st, I crocheted a purple flower for this blend hat (beanie) with additional small button on it. I'm still searching the web address where I downloaded the pattern for this flower, but still couldn't find it. Promise you I'll put it's pattern link as soon as I got it. By the way, I didn't use any pattern for this hat. Just let my fingers met my stash (Thalenta ICT baby, Micky-Mocko plain Purple and Ergonomic Clover 4/0) and dance.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Morning Craft: Star Box

I arrived early to the office this morning. No one there yet. Well I mean from my division. So I had some 'me' time. 

Saw that used box that I asked for from my office gal. Also saw fancy paper laying around on my desk. Pink and Blue paper with white stars. So I just decided to make this used box looks good before I use it.


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Heart Doily for B'day Gift Exchange

Happy B'day!!
:D well.. no one I know celebrating B'day today :D
I just wanna tell you that Dinamic_CroKnit is having B'day Gift Exchange this year. We held it for 2 years now. Last year we exchanged squares. It's doily time this year!!

I have crocheted several doily. Some of them had been sent and still working on the rest. I forgot where I got this pattern :(. So sorry.

Anyway.. my friend will like this simple doily.



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