Thursday, 19 May 2011

Princess Dija:My Maya Niece

Hi all!!
I just wanna post a pic of KHADIJA aka DIJA. 
A special gal whom I found while I was blog walking few months a go.

Last March was her 1st B'day. 
So I crocheted 2 things for her ( I already post it here somewhere).
And here's her pic with that 2 things ;)
got the pic from here
Isn't she pretty???

Green Granny Jacket

Again.. with me and Granny Jacket.
This time, I crocheted this jacket based on Ria's Request for her 1st baby boy. She ordered it with just telling that she wants it in green.

So I made this jacket from Mba Thata's pattern with some adjustment and adding hoodie.

Hope she'll love it.

2 balls of Thalenta Softy Cotton (green)
1/4 ball of Thalenta Softy Cotton (dark brown)
Clover hook 3.25mm
Plastic Button

Green Jacket

Green Jacket in da Box ;)

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

About Art & Creativity

from here
from here

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Cemprut's Give Away

Did you know that CEMPRUT by Mba Dita is having give away right now???

There are lots and lots of cutie thing to give away by her. And guess what?! Those cutie things are her own hand made. Isn't GREAT?!?!

Friday, 6 May 2011

1st Knitting Bag

Remember my last post???
I already finished that thing on Sunday.
And Voila...

It's a simple knitting bag with rattan handle and a flower brooch.

Bag Material : 
3/4 ball Thalenta Softy Wool (Blend), 40cm of 4.00 circular needle and rattan hadle.

Flower Material:
Small amount of Thalenta ICT plain, 4/0 hook, plastic button, green ribbon and brooch pin.

Still searching fabric for its lining though.


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