Monday, 22 August 2011

Pashmina Bergaya

Long time no see.
It's been a while since my last post here.

Still busy with Ramadhan (reciting Holy Qur'an, fasting, plus baking cookies :D)
But I can finally have time to crocheted Pashmina (shawl??)

Got the pattern from Rajutan Cantik (3rd book of Thata Pang). Actually, I already got the pattern way before this book was published. But yet, never succeed. Finally, I made this during our Independence holiday. I'm using Thalenta Softy Cotton (Purple) and Thalenta ICT (pink bit purple) with clover hook 3.25

To bad, this pashmina was to small for cubby me ;). Plan to make it with bigger yarn n hook.

Happy Crafting ^__~

Monday, 8 August 2011

Another (Surprise) Bag in August

August is full of surprise and BAGS!
Why so???
Coz this month I received 2 beautiful bag.
One.. is from my best friend. She gave me this simple awesome PUMA bag as b'day gift (although its been months after my b'day). 
And today I finally receive Totebag from Sis Sari. The story behind this bag is that I won her 1st Giveaway. 
My 1st gift I ever won since I joined giveaway on blogs. And I'm so thrilled!!!!

Isn't it pretty!!?!?!?!

Pink Package with cute note

the cute Rainbow Totebag receptionist was jealous of me. She wants this totebag too (I opened the package in her desk :D)

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Hi Again!!

Hi fellas!!
Start to posting again. But still with no new project.
It's Ramadhan month now for moslem and that means fasting for a month. Other than work.. I still busy with crocheting souvenirs for my Best Friend's sister's wedding next month.

I crocheted small hat and the plan is to change it into key chain. Only had 3 weeks to go to crocheted 500 pieces of that hat key chain. Wish I could make it.

Anyway.. happy crafting friends.


Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I Won!!

Just a quick post.

Got news from Sis Sari from AmiAbi that I won her 1st giveaway project. And guessed what?!?!!? I won that cute Rainbow Totebag.

Almost can't believe it (since I never won any giveaway before.

Thanks for Sis Sari!!
Can't hardly wait so hold that cute totebag ;)


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