Monday, 8 December 2008

Purple Hat

I made this hat yesterday. This was the very 1st time i made it without any pattern. Just try and try and try. It's a simple one, just using purple cotton (ICT) with clover hook no.4. And the stitches?? I only use DC and FPDC.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

My Ondori Book

This is one of my Ondori Book (hehehe, actually i only have 3 of them). This book consist of knitting n crocheting wardrobe. Even at this moment i haven't made anything from this book, but I'm sure I'll gonna do it.

Someday ..

Saturday, 29 November 2008

DC's Granny Competition

DC is having a granny competition for members who joined this group this year.

All we have to do is just make something from granny (like bag, afghan, etc). We can design our own granny square or just using others pattern. As long as we mentioned whose pattern is that. Plus we have to made it with yarn from CnM. I really have no idea what should I made for this competition. Well actually I have something in my mind, but stuck in make it into real. So I made this shawl from Mbak Thata's pattern. I just made the 1st 4 row and combine it with bullion.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Aquamarine Shell

See this hat??
I just made it today.
I took the pattern from an Ondori Book but I don't know what's the title of this hat (since I can't understand Kanji letter).
But I will call it Aquamarine shell coz of the color and the stitches.
For this hat, I use ICT Mix with clover hook no.4.
I only spend half ball of yarn (more less 50 gr).

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Red Hat

Since our Queen Thata from DC held a hat competition, and it's a MUST for all DC member, so I try to make another hat. Still a simple one, coz I'm a newbie in this hat thing. Actually I'm a newbie in crocheting world.

I used ICT plain, red n white for this hat with no. 4 clover hook and only use dc stitch. My mom said that this hat looks like a 'songkok'. A hat that moslem man use for pray (sholat).

Square Selimut Mbak Ezie

Setelah sekian lama punya hutang foto, akhirnya hari ini Nda bisa memenuhinya. Poto-poto berikut adalah square sumbangan dari mbak Teti dan mbak Nita untuk selimut bayi-nya mbak Ezie. Nda ada juga bikin beberapa, tapi ga usah dipoto yaaa.. :D

Oh iya, berhubung DC lagi demam sakura, jadi square yang dikirimkan sakura semua deh. Pas banget sama anaknya mbak Ezie yang memang perempuan.

FYI, nantinya selimut ini akan dikerjakan 2 orang. Nda n mbak Rini. So, jangan kaget klo nanti ada 2 seni pada 1 selimut itu :D.

Square yang ini, Nda terima 25 Oktober 2008. Ini dari mba Nita di Surabaya. Keren ya. Warnanya itu loh.. soft banget. Baby gal banget kan?!?!?!?

Yang ini adalah square dari mbak Teti. Nda terima ini tgl 29 Oktober 2008, dikantor.

Nah yang dibawah ini juga dari Mbak Teti,

tapi lupa kapan tepatnya. Rasanya sih masih minggu ini. Sebenarnya sih mbak Teti kirim 6 lagi, tapi berhubung yang 4 adalah untuk FDWL, jadi ga Nda masukin disini. Kan in i topiknya mbak Ezie :). Gak papa kan mbak Teti???

Untuk Mbak Nita dan Mbak Teti, makasih banyak ya atas partisipasinya. Semoga Nda bisa mempercantik hasil karya kalian ini. ^_^ .

Friday, 31 October 2008

Lovely Sakura

See this lovely square???
We called it Sakura Square. Actually, sis Fenny from DC who found that name.

This square is the latest square creation from Mbak Thata. After made this pattern, she ask to our DC forum, who would like to try it, as a pattern tester. 5 member was choosen to made this square.

The rules was simple. We just try to do it without asking to each others so Mbak Thata had the picture on how difficult it is for people to understand the pattern. And it turns out that we all understand the pattern well and now you can see for urself.

What a lovely sakura I have here.

Big Applaus for Mbak Thata ^_^

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Pink Illution Hat

I made this white-pink hat with pattern from Mbak Thata's 2nd book of crocheting on saturday (sept 5th).

I failed @ 1st place, but finally did it after sis Fenny shows me how to do it.

This hat, was made from local ICT plain n Clover hook no. 5. I add one flower pin so this hat can be use in 2 ways, just like the pic.

Now, this hat is belong to Lika, my friend's daughter.


Thursday, 2 October 2008

Orange-Green Dress

Just finished it yesterday. I took the pattern from Mbak Thata's 2nd book. It supposed to be in Pink since the tittle of the pattern is Little Pinky.. but i got but bored with pink, so I did it in this orange and green ICT.

First I tried it with Hook No.4, but it always turn curly. So after chatting with Sis Fenny, I change the hook to No.3. Did well... but I had another prob. Well.. this dress became small. Not like the ori pattern (hiks) so I didn't finished all the pop dc. Just made 1 row of it.

Still curious.. so I've planned to make another one. Maybe in pink just like in the book.

Wish me luck ^_^

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Pink Flower Hat

I made this hat just because I still curious. You see, I've try to make a hat for so many times but keep on failing. Alhamdulillah, i finally did it last night while watching GREY'S ANATOMY on Jack TV.

Using ICT plain (the actual color is pale pink) and Tulip Hook No. 4, I thinks it's not bad at all.

Cute isn't it??

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Gift for Nur's Baby Boy

I made this baby stuff for my friend, Nur. Since I planned to made this stuff for her, I don't know why I can only made something simple. Yup, only an easy and simple things.

So i made a baby blanket from a large granny square. Made it from few color coz when I first made this project Nur still don't know whether it's gonna be a boy or a gal. So I mix some color.

Then i made bib from Sis Fenny's pattern. And put a ducky button on bottom right of the bib.

Next one is hat. U see.. I almost give up crocheting hat coz always failed. Even I still not satisfied with this hat.

Last one is this bottle cover. When I did the 1st one, it's to big for the bottle. Then I made this one and just perfect.

Planned to gave it tommorow coz Nur already gave birth to a Baby Boy on Sept 16, 2008.

^_^ Hope she'll like it.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

1st Square Bag

I made this bag with 1st pattern of Sis Thata's square. Yup the charity square!! I like this bag, quite big, but i still need to fix it's handle. It's to small for the bag.

Friday, 15 August 2008

1st Syal

I can finished my 1st shawl.
I made this for one of my client @ the office.
He requested a red-white shawl ( i almost think that he wanna wear it on august 17 -our independence day).

After some discussion with Sis Fenny and Grace, I decided to use front loop n back loop stitch.

Not bad ha!!

Well hope Mr. Adi would like it ^_^

Bagi-Bagi Keceriaan

Inget kan tentang program charity fdcwl???
Nah, sabtu kemarin, Mbak Lenny, Mbak Fenny n Mbak Katrien udah menyerahkan tas-tas cantik itu ke SD. Juara.

Wiiihhh seneng banget deh rasanya, melihat senyum dan rona bahagia di wajah bocah-bocah itu. Asli!! Beneran!!

Ga percaya???

Please take a look

Saturday, 2 August 2008


Kemarin waktu chat sama teh Fenny, dia kasih tau aku klo ada pola kupu-kupu bagus di marimerajut. :( sayangnya Nda ga ikutan dimarimerajut, jadi ga tau n ga dapetlah. You know what.. dengan sangat baiknya si teteh kirimin Nda polanya by email.

Langsung aja di save di folder, plus di print juga. Niatnya pulang kerja mau dikerjain. Ehhh dasar pelupa itu prinan ga dibawa pulang. Alhasil semalem batal bikin kupu-kupu. Baru sempet tadi, sambil duduk depam kompie. Sempet ga bisa. (heheheh udah lama ga pernah baca pola gambar sekarang jadi oon. Hiks).

Ungtungnyaaaaaaaaaaaaa..........tiba-tiba sih teteh cantik nan baik hati itu ol. Jadinya Nda berguru lagi dengannya via YM :D

Nda pake benang sembur yang belum lama ini beli di Mbak Yenny. Baru bikin satu tapi langsung Nda coba pasang di kaos n di topi yang baru aja selesai dibikin bunda. (psstt sekarang bunda jadi addicted lagi sama crochet).

Nih dia hasilnya

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Another Semi Finished Bag


Remember about my previous post about me, learning how to join squares???

Well... I have done couple of joining. But this time, i do it with big squares.

Here they are:

My mom made this squares, and I add some more lines so they get bigger. Both side of the bag, has the same colour.

While this one, i made a different for each side of the bag.

I've planned to send it to Sis Fenny on Thursday, since today is a public holiday.

Hmmm.. any comment about those 2 bags???


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bunga dimana-mana

Lagi iseng pengen bikinin sesuatu untuk temen n diri sendiri juga.. browsing-browsing,akhirnya dapet link bikin bros deh.

Linknya tuh ini, ini, dan Ini

Dan inilah hasilnya

My 1st Joining

Remember my story about our Charity Project??? Well, at first we would like to make blanket and shawl but we postponed those for something more urgent. To make school bag for elementary students of SD Juara.

So the idea is to join 8 small 1st pattern square into a postman school bag. Or, you can widen that 14cm square in to 25cm square, and join 2 of those square as 1 schoolbag.

Like usual, if you don't want to join it by yourself, you can send it to Sis Katrien or Sis Fenny in Bandung. Well, at least i do that. But.... all of my sisters in DC encourage me to join those by myself. It's kinda scary but they're so sweet and generous. Sis Risna, she even send me all tutorial links for joining squares. So.. i wont let them down.

If they trust me, so i have to trust myself. And the result, I have made 2 school bag. I mean, i already joined 8 small squares and 2 big squares. So now, i have 2 unfinished school bag (i haven't put any sling or handle for those bags).

This is the pic of one of them (i haven't take a pic of the other one)

Hmmm.. kinda untidy, but good enough for beginner like me :D

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Benang Sumbangan

Mau cerita aja nihhh...
Nda dapet sumbangan benang dari sahabatku, Rika. Jadi, dia mau ikutan nyumbang untuk project charity-nya DC, tapi berhubung dia ga bisa dan ga minat sama sekali dengan crocheting, maka dia nyumbang benang aja, trus minta Nda yang ngerjain.

Ka ngasih 6 buah benang ICT ini nih ...

dan benang-benang itu dah Nda kerjain. Emang sih belum habis semua, nahh sebagian dari yang udah dikerjain tuh, seperti ini:

Gambar itu belum semua lohh!!

Nanti deh, Nda fotoin lagi yang lain.

^_^ Makasih ya Ka...
Semoga Allah membalas dengan lebih dan lebih ^_^

Friday, 27 June 2008

Hadiah Ultah

Nda mau pamer nih!!!!
Jadi waktu Nda ultah bulan kemarin.... dapet hadiah dari salah satu mbak di DC yang punya julukan Mizz. Granny. Ehh jangan salah, bukan karna mbak ini kayak nenek-nenek lho. Tapi... karna mbak yang satu ini ... mbak Fenny ini... jago banget mengolah grannya square menjadi beragam benda yang indah.

Ga percaya?!?!?!?!?

Nihhh... buktinya.. hadiah yang dia kirimin ke aku ini bukti nyatanya.

KEREN kan?????

Ya iyalah... sapa dulu donk yang buat. Asli deh Nda seneng banget dapet ini. Apalagi warnanya yang soft gitu. Cihuy bangets deh.

^_^ Makasih banyak ya mbak....


Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Pelajaran Membaca Pola

Pernah ketemu sama orang yang peduliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii banget sama sekitarnya???? Hah?!?!? belom pernah?!?!?!? Hmmm.. Nda sudah, sering malah. Even Nda belum pernah bertemu dari mereka secara langsung.

Mau kenal salah satunya??? Ya Mrs. Thata ini.

Masih inget kan proyek amalnya??? Nah.. sekarang ibu yang satu ini punya proyek lain lagi. Kali ini adalah proyek menambah pengetahuan para member DC dalam pembacaan pola. Pola ngehak tentunya. Asli proyek yang satu ini membantu Nda banget. Like i said before, selama ini Nda cuma bisa baca pola gambar. Itu juga ala kadarnya. Sekarang?? Udah banyak kemajuan. Dan itu semua berkat Mrs. Thata.

Jadi, sekarang ini, tiap senin dan kamis, kami diberi pola yang harus dikerjakan. Dan untuk lebih memacu semangat, dikasih deadline lho. Klo ga tepat deadline, dijamin DO. Serem kan?!?!?!?

Emang serem sih.. tapi kan klo ga gitu, kami or should i say AKU akan punya alasan untuk menunda-nunda. Ya kan???? Klo pake deadline n punishment gini, diusahakan secepat mungkin selesai. Selain penasaran dengan kejutan di pola berikutnya, kita kan pengen liat parade hasil karya kita di rumah mayanya Mrs. Thata. Asli keren deh begitu poto-poti hasil karya kita dipajang. Soalnya biar pun berasal dari 1 pola, hasilnya itu beda-beda. Beneran deh.

Eh iya.. mau pamer hasil karya ku nih....

1st Charity Square

Inget kan posting terdahulu Nda soal proyek amal-nya DC??? Nahh.. proyek ini udah mulai nih.

Caranya adalah dengan membeli pola square atau menyumbangkan minimal 2 buah square (lebih banyak tentu lebih baik). Squarenya tuh unik deh. Masa nih ya... awalnya bikin lingkaran.. trus lama-lama jadi bujursangkar. Hebat kan?!?!?!?

Ya iyalah hebat... sapa dulu donk yang buat polanya... Tidak lain dan tidak bukan.. Our beloved Mrs Thata ^_~

Nda udah bikin dan bahkan udah dikirim ke tempatnya mbak Fenny di Bandung. Bikin 3 buah (janji deh bakalan bikin lagi),dengan 3 ukuran yang berbeda. Square yang ke-3 baru bener ukurannya, sesuai dengan yang ada dalam pola.

Sayangnya cuma hasil perdana aja yang Nda foto, yang lainnya enggak.

Mau liat????

Nih dia...

Bagus kan??????

Mau dapet pola keren ini????

Makanya.. gabung donk di blog charity kami. Dijamin GA AKAN NYESEL!!!!

Proyek Amal

Milis DC punya proyek berbagi. Itu semua karna mbak Thata. Beliau yang punya ide untuk berbagi kepada sesama dengan hobby yang kita miliki, yaitu ngehak. Kali ini, rencananya kami semua dimilis DC akan membuat square yang nantinya akan disambung untuk dijadikan selimut bayi.

Siapa saja yang berminat boleh bergabung dalam proyek ini.



Silahkan kunjungi


dan bergandengan bersama kami untuk membagi kebahagiaan dengan saudara-saudara kita.

1st Homework

Suatu hari... our beloved Mrs. Thata mau ada tugas yang menyebabkan beliau tidak bisa memantau milis untuk beberapa hari. So, untuk membuat kami tetap sibuk, Mrs. Thata memberi pr, yaitu membuat tas dari free pattern milik the crochet dude, Mr. Drew Emborsky.

Awalnya Nda deg-degan gitu deh. Secara selama ini cuma bisa baca pola gambar, padahal pola si Mr. Drew ini tuh pola tulisan. So berbekal pola yang udah diprint, Nda ngerjain tas itu sambil browsing, untuk tau apa dan bagaimana itu 'dc', 'sc','sk' dan lain-lain. Belom lagi gangguin mbak-mbak di milis DC untuk nanya.



Tas berwarna pelangi yang terbuat dari bulky yang juga beli di CnM. Tasnya ga gitu besar, karna ternyata... hakpen yang Nda pake kurang besar. Tau ga.. waktu tas ini selesai, rasanya seneeeeeeeenggg banget. Apalagi setelah Mrs. Thata pulang, Nda dapet hadiah benang (nti benangnya Nda kasih tau deh).

Tapi tasnya sekarang udah ga ada. Udah diminta sama Mbak Dina, katanya kado ultah dia. Heheheh.. kadonya kok mbajak begitu ya.

Ya sutralah... senang sekali dapet ilmu baru ^_^

Doily n Coaster

Doily dan Coaster ini Nda buat dengan pola yang dikirimkan oleh moderator DC waktu pertama kali Nda join milis ini.

Hmmm.. 2-2nya Nda buat dari benang Cotton Acrylic No.1o yang Nda beli di CnM. Untuk coasternya, do modif pake benang katun warna merah bata yang Nda beli di Tobucil (psssttt tapi belinya nitip sama bu Poppy).

Cukup rapi kan, buatanku???? Selanjutnya apa yaaa????

Kembali ke hobby lama

Ada sebuah hobby lama yang sudah lama terlupakan, yaitu bermain dengan benang dan hakpen (bahasa keren dari alm. eyang uti-ku adalah 'ngehak'). Dan setelah sekian lama terlupaka, akhirnya hobby itu muncul lagi setelah mengikuti arisan MP. Kenapa bisa gitu?? Well.. karna waktu arisan itu, moderatornya mengundang seorang ibu yang jago banget ngehak, yaitu ibu Poppy. Tau ga sih, waktu itu beliau bawa peralatan perang sampe satu n all of are so cute ^_^. Nda aja sempet beli 2 buah benang dari Ibu Poppy. Dan salah satu benang itu sekarang sedang menjadi WIP (yang entah kapan selesainya) :-).

Mau tau seperti apa??

Ini dia.....

Masih belum tau nih kapan akan selesai. Soalnya sekarang Nda menemukan rumah baru yang penuh sekali dengan da vinci dan pembalap F1 dalam hal ngehak. But i promise, sooner or later, i'll finish it.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

My New Blog

This is my newest blog. Created it for all of my hobbies ^_^


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