Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Baby Farhan and Pororo the Penguin

Hola my dearest friends!!!
How's your day???
GREAT I hope.

Today I wanna share a pic of my newest customer, Farhan. His dad is one of my colleagues @the office. 

So last week, his dad highjacked my ready to deliver Pororo ear-flap which supposed to delivered to Depok, for Fayyaz. [so sorry mommy Nur :(].

And yesterday, Farhan daddy's sent me this pic of Farhan with his Pororo.

Cute na?!

And now.. I'm half way to crochet another Pororo for Fayyaz.

Happy crafting friends ;)


  1. Mbak Amanda, saya boleh tahu ini pororo ear flap-nya dijual ngga? Kalau iya, harganya berapa? Tolong kabari by e-mail ya :) (


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