Thursday, 19 May 2011

Green Granny Jacket

Again.. with me and Granny Jacket.
This time, I crocheted this jacket based on Ria's Request for her 1st baby boy. She ordered it with just telling that she wants it in green.

So I made this jacket from Mba Thata's pattern with some adjustment and adding hoodie.

Hope she'll love it.

2 balls of Thalenta Softy Cotton (green)
1/4 ball of Thalenta Softy Cotton (dark brown)
Clover hook 3.25mm
Plastic Button

Green Jacket

Green Jacket in da Box ;)


  1. waah.. cantik benerr... *mupeng, pengen bisa ngerajut kaya gini*

  2. Makasih mba Vita. Ini gampang kok mba ;)


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