Thursday, 7 July 2011

Our Book; Rajutan Inspiratif

Hi craft lovers ^_^
I'm sooo Happy!!

Alhamdulillah... our cro-knit book is finally finished.

This is DC 1st book and guess what?!? It's also the 1st cro-knit book which made by a bunch of people. There are 10 people in this book. For me, it was a great honor. I never imagine that I will write a pattern. Not even once. So when Sis Thata asked me to joined her writing in this book, its like dream. 

She's not only asking me to write a pattern but she also encouraging me to do it. So even I can only write one pattern for this book, but I'm happy. Coz I got lots of lesson in the process.

Thank you Allah.
Thank you Sis Thata.
Thank you all my BIG Sister @ Dinamic CroKnit.

LOVE Y'all 

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