Monday, 8 August 2011

Another (Surprise) Bag in August

August is full of surprise and BAGS!
Why so???
Coz this month I received 2 beautiful bag.
One.. is from my best friend. She gave me this simple awesome PUMA bag as b'day gift (although its been months after my b'day). 
And today I finally receive Totebag from Sis Sari. The story behind this bag is that I won her 1st Giveaway. 
My 1st gift I ever won since I joined giveaway on blogs. And I'm so thrilled!!!!

Isn't it pretty!!?!?!?!

Pink Package with cute note

the cute Rainbow Totebag receptionist was jealous of me. She wants this totebag too (I opened the package in her desk :D)

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