Tuesday, 4 October 2011

End of September Project

Long time no see ^_^
I just finished several thing with crochet. Just some simple thing to get rid off my yarn so I have reason to buy new one ;)

So far, I made this two beanie with its headband using Indonesian Cotton.
 with Mimo Melati (brand of the yarn)

with Thalenta ICT
Also made this Granny Jacket (again). This time was an order from a frien, Titin for her Baby Althaf. This was made with Thalenta Softy Cotton. As requested, I made it bigger than usual size. Hope she'll satisfied with my work.

Last one... I start crocheted something with blend Indonesian Cotton. You know.. sometimes I amaze how yarn can create its own shape or pattern when you crochet it. Just like this one.

See how a simple sc can shape diamond like that?!?! Amazing na??!

Have a GREAT Day Friends ^__^

1 comment:

  1. Hi Amanda,
    These little beanies are really lovely! I just love the pattern and the colors you have used, very cute! And, the granny jacket, it's just wonderful! The receiver must be thrilled for sure! Yes, sometimes the yarn itself creates amazing shapes that makes us more than surprised!
    Happy day to you!
    Loevstitch, xo


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