Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Yellow n Green for Maharani

Material: 1 ball Thalenta Softone ICT and 50gr Thalenta Plain ICT

Last weekend I spent my day crocheting this dress for Maharani (my friend's baby gal).
Mba Wulan (Maharani's mom) likes this color coz this color makes Maharani looks brighter and I agree with her choice.
Too bad Maharani is not feeling good right now. I just called mba Wulan and she said that Maharani got problem with her digestion. In fact she already had digestion problem since baby. Hope that she don't have to stay in hospital.

Get well soon my pretty gal ^^


  1. Your baby dress looks so lovely! I love the colors too! Hope Maharani is better soon and she must be very cute with your dress!


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