Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My 1st Joining

Remember my story about our Charity Project??? Well, at first we would like to make blanket and shawl but we postponed those for something more urgent. To make school bag for elementary students of SD Juara.

So the idea is to join 8 small 1st pattern square into a postman school bag. Or, you can widen that 14cm square in to 25cm square, and join 2 of those square as 1 schoolbag.

Like usual, if you don't want to join it by yourself, you can send it to Sis Katrien or Sis Fenny in Bandung. Well, at least i do that. But.... all of my sisters in DC encourage me to join those by myself. It's kinda scary but they're so sweet and generous. Sis Risna, she even send me all tutorial links for joining squares. So.. i wont let them down.

If they trust me, so i have to trust myself. And the result, I have made 2 school bag. I mean, i already joined 8 small squares and 2 big squares. So now, i have 2 unfinished school bag (i haven't put any sling or handle for those bags).

This is the pic of one of them (i haven't take a pic of the other one)

Hmmm.. kinda untidy, but good enough for beginner like me :D

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