Friday, 27 January 2012

Our Book: Pernak-Pernik Rajutan

I'm soo happy!!
Coz our 2nd book is finally available in book stores.

If you often read my blog.. I bet you know that last year, Dinamic CroKnit has published a book called RAJUTAN INSPIRATIF.

And what you see below is our 2nd book. Here you can find various patterns for household or house ornament and small fancy thing such as doily, glass cover, and many more.

This book still written in Indonesian with 2 kind of pattern (written pattern and diagram) so it would be easy for you.

So grab it fast and try these beautiful pattern of my friends in DC.

Happy Crafting ^_^


  1. The book cover looks great, I cannot read Indonesian but believe the diagram can help! Enjoy the book from your friend and thanks for sharing it! Will try it when I have chance!
    Happy day to you, Amanda!
    Best wishes, LS

  2. Hi Dear...
    Thanks a Lot. Happy day to you too :)


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