Monday, 26 November 2012

{Baby Boy} Prabu n his Jacket

Hi !!
Gosh I really missed you guys!!
Been a while since last time I posted something here. 
What can I say??
Work comes first, right?!

Today I just wanna post about this simple granny jacket.
Remember Prabu??
Handsome baby boy which I posted earlier here.

This handsome baby turn into BIG Baby within a few months. 

with his Chubby cheeks and funny look in his eyes. 
Gosh. I feel like wanna bite him :D

I finally finished my granny jacket for him.
Its in green, just like his mom wants. 

See how cute he is?

Over all...
I'm so glad that the jacket fits.
I kinda scared that it might too small for him ;)

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