Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Thata Pang's Series

Another posting about my book collection. This time I wanna share Cro-Knit book by Thata Pang (the owner of Dinamic_Cronit aka DC mailing list).

I joined her mailing list for several years now and it was a blessed. Not only having  tons of new knowledge in crocheting and knitting, but also some lesson about life. Plus.. I got lot of friend as bonus ;)

Thata Pang (I called her Mba (Sis) Thata) already had 3 books of Cro-Knit. And I got it all. Infact I got 2 books with her signature in it :D.

So here they are..

1st Book. 
Consist of various kind of simple project such as flower applique, small doily, pouch for cell phone and many more. Here, you can only find crocheting technique. 

1st book

2nd Book for Baby Project
I think this book was dedicated for mom to be. Here you can find pattern for booties, bottle cover, beanies and even granny jacket. Btw.. this granny jacket was so easy but yet so nice for gift.
2nd book

3rd Book
It's bit different from the previous 2 since in this book you're not only find crocheting but also knitting ;). Consist of pattern which can make your appearance better. Why?? cause you'll find pattern of shawl, beret, bag and even glove.

3rd Book

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