Monday, 21 March 2011

Baby Knit Book

Still got nothing to post since all my project are still WIP. So I decided to post about some crocheting n knitting book that I have. 

This one is about baby and toddler. Bought it at Kinokuniya (Plaza Senayan) last year. Actually, it was a gift from a friend. He let me choose what I want, and I choose books ( i got 2 book. The other is about poncho. Will post it tomm :D).

Here you can find pattern (both crochet n knit) of beanie, shawl, ear flap, baby shoes, blankie and several amigurumi.

I haven't try any of this. Well.. actually, I've tried one dress for gal, but I modified it. I just use the pattern for its top and modified the rest with other stitches.

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