Wednesday, 27 May 2009

For Nabila from Mommy

I've just sit on my chair when Aini came to me and drop a plastic bag on my desk.

Since it was transparent so I can see that it was crochet. But still.. I was curious with it so I open it.

And Voila!!
It was a headband and small bag. She said that she made those for her little princess, Nabila.

Her work was neat but still, I complained her. I mean, Nabila is a pretty little gal. So why make her look old with those dark color?!? Can't you find something bright for her?!? Baby Blue, Sky Blue, Aquamarine, but Dark Blue?!

1 comment:

  1. Nice..

    she has definitely improved since she did the mobile phone case.. :-)

    I personally think that sunflower yellow with caterpillar green would be a nice combination for Nabila.. but, Aini might think my choices of colours are not that great.. ;-P


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