Friday, 17 June 2011

Yes!! They Here!!

So happy this morning!
Got a package from Sis Fenny (Bandung).

Well.. few days a go I ordered few thing from Aiko Creation (her ol craft shop). They are:
  • 3 balls of Softy Cotton from Thalenta
  • Bamboo hook size 6.00
  • Rattan Handle
and they finally arrived this morning!

Hmmm.. can't hardly wait to dance with my fingers again ;)

Monday, 13 June 2011

Will Have This (Someday)!!

Just spend my time for browsing and my mouth open wide because of these room. It's like.. WOOOOOOOW!!!!! 

So pretty, so colorful, so inspiring!!
I will have room like this to. And even better. Someday!!


Steph W. Crafting Room
Andrea Singarella's Playing Room
I found it here
Heather Bailey's Crafting Room

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blue Granny Jacket

Material: Mimo ICT Plain

This was another thing which I crocheted last weekend.
A blue granny jacket for my friend. She just having a baby boy. Congrats for her ^_^
Unfortunately, I got stuck with the application for this jacket. So far, I haven't add anything to make this jacket cuter.

Do you have any idea, guys??

Yellow n Green for Maharani

Material: 1 ball Thalenta Softone ICT and 50gr Thalenta Plain ICT

Last weekend I spent my day crocheting this dress for Maharani (my friend's baby gal).
Mba Wulan (Maharani's mom) likes this color coz this color makes Maharani looks brighter and I agree with her choice.
Too bad Maharani is not feeling good right now. I just called mba Wulan and she said that Maharani got problem with her digestion. In fact she already had digestion problem since baby. Hope that she don't have to stay in hospital.

Get well soon my pretty gal ^^


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