Monday, 21 February 2011

Seedstitch Scarf

How's ur weekend??
Hope all of you guys had a great weekend ;)

Well.. I just practicing my knitting and still with simple thing. So yesterday, after doing my laundry (which I thought will never end), I started to knit again. The plan is to knit a seed-stitch scarf. Yup.. just a scarf. I was wrong at first coz my friend said that to make a seed-stitch, you just have to knit 1k1p and 1p1k in the next row. So I did that. What happened next was.. NO SEEDSTITCH at all. In fact it looked like ribbing.
So I tried again and again.

It turned out that at 1st, I made those cast on in uneven number so when I reverse the p and k in the next row they don't turn into seed stitch *sigh*

And now... I finally made it.

I use a Gold curly yarn (bought it last year @Hobby Craft) and mix it with  Coffee Creme (for me the color is like coffee creme) Thalenta ICTS with bamboo DPN 5.00mm. 

I know.. I know... it still long way to go. But I'm so happy with this knitting thing. That's why I wanna share it here.

another unfinished project aka WIP

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Latest Friend

My new friend finally arrived!!
4.5mm bamboo SPN n 3.5mm (50cm) Bamboo Circular Needle.  
So very berry happy.
Coz my good mood of learn how to knit is still in the air ;)

New Book: Breien voor de baby

Yesterday my mommy went to see her dear friend whom I called Mama Sun. She's Indonesian who married with Netherlander. Every time Mama Sun come to Jakarta, she n my mommy will meet. And yesterday was one of the moment.

Guessed what?!?

She gave me some gift. There's dress, leather bag and this knitting book. I'm so thrilled with this knitting book. Its like gift from heaven. I mean, this year's resolution for my crafting world is to learn about knitting.

And  VOILA!!

Suddenly GOD sent this book through my Mama Sun.

Thank you GOD, Thank you Mama Sun. 

Monday, 14 February 2011

Aqua Knit Square

I'm soooo happy!!!
Coz I finally make it!!
A knitting square.

I know... its just knit and purl. Nothing special.
This is the 1st time for me to knit a square.
This also my very berry 1st time using circular needle.


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