Monday, 21 February 2011

Seedstitch Scarf

How's ur weekend??
Hope all of you guys had a great weekend ;)

Well.. I just practicing my knitting and still with simple thing. So yesterday, after doing my laundry (which I thought will never end), I started to knit again. The plan is to knit a seed-stitch scarf. Yup.. just a scarf. I was wrong at first coz my friend said that to make a seed-stitch, you just have to knit 1k1p and 1p1k in the next row. So I did that. What happened next was.. NO SEEDSTITCH at all. In fact it looked like ribbing.
So I tried again and again.

It turned out that at 1st, I made those cast on in uneven number so when I reverse the p and k in the next row they don't turn into seed stitch *sigh*

And now... I finally made it.

I use a Gold curly yarn (bought it last year @Hobby Craft) and mix it with  Coffee Creme (for me the color is like coffee creme) Thalenta ICTS with bamboo DPN 5.00mm. 

I know.. I know... it still long way to go. But I'm so happy with this knitting thing. That's why I wanna share it here.

another unfinished project aka WIP

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  1. nice yarn combination.. looks delicious.. :D happy knitting!


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