Monday, 11 April 2011

My Latest: Hat aka Beanie & Headband

Hows your weekend??

Mine is FUN! I spent my Sunday finishing application for hats that I've made about a week a ago. 

1st, I crocheted a purple flower for this blend hat (beanie) with additional small button on it. I'm still searching the web address where I downloaded the pattern for this flower, but still couldn't find it. Promise you I'll put it's pattern link as soon as I got it. By the way, I didn't use any pattern for this hat. Just let my fingers met my stash (Thalenta ICT baby, Micky-Mocko plain Purple and Ergonomic Clover 4/0) and dance.

I kinda bored with flower on hat. So just makes 2 circle (red & Blue), pile it together and add an orange flower button then sew it. To make it bit more different, I just put 2 coconut shell button on top n bottom of that red-blue circle I made.

For this hat, I'm mixing 2 kind of Thalenta's yarn. ICT Soft tone (blend of baby blue, pink and pale purple) with Pink Softy Cotton and crocheted by using Clover Hook 5/0.

Last but not least... I made a yellow flower and add it with ladybug plastic button for this baby headband. Coz I wanna see bright smile on this cute baby, so I use bright color of Red and Yellow . Still from Thalenta's Collection.

FYI.. those 2 flower (purple and yellow) was brooch. So you can use it on your cloth too ;)

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