Friday, 6 August 2010


Gosh !!!
It's been so long since my last post to this blog.
Well.. it's consequences for being greedy, having more than one blog. Like it or not, of them them will be neglected, even I don't mean it that way. 

You wanna know about my other blog?!!?
Well.. let see..

I got this PELANGI AMANDA (its about my daily life, but i write it down in Indonesia, although some of them post are in English). Then I got this What I See Hear and Feel (its almost like my previous one, but all in English and I just started few month a go). And latest Amanda's Shelf (plan it for my book collection, since I LOVE reading).

See how greedy I am. 

Hmmm.. hopefully I can manage all and can treat them equally :D

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