Friday, 5 June 2009

Al-Qur'an Cover

See this lovely cover???
It was made by Ibu Maya for DC exchange project on Kartini Day.
Mba Thata (as usual) had a brilliant idea to held an exchange project in order to honour RA Kartini, the mother of Woman Emancipation in Indonesia. And for this exchange project, we made small things like book cover or pouch for hook (depends on what we like to have from our partner).
So, when Ibu Maya asked me what do I want for the exchange program, I told her that I wanna book cover for my Holy Al-Quran. And.. tadaaaaa!!!!! I got it. And not only that. Ibu Maya also gave me the Holy Al-Qur'an. Even bigger than what I have back home.

^_^ Thank you so much Ibu Maya.

Pstt.. I know it's kinda embarassing, but I still owe Mba Nik for Hook pouch for this exchange project. Please be patience mba Nik >_<

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