Friday, 31 December 2010

My Crafting Resolution

I've been thinking and finally decided that my crafting resolution for next year is still had connection with this year (i mean last year), which is improving my knitting skill. 
During this 2010 I've learn to knit (knit, purl and drop stitches). Now I'm not that allergic to the word KNIT anymore. So plan for next year is try to make some project of knitting and maybe learn few new stitches. And thanks GOD, one of my friend @ Dinamic Crochet who's really good in knitting agreed to teach me. 

So..CHAYO for myself!!

Happy New Year

New Year almost come (about less than 12 hour more here).
So.. before that... I just wanna say .. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you guys around the world!!

May this up coming year brings all happiness and joy to all of us!!

GOD bless you All :)

*pic from google.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

5 Day Crochet Challenge: Necklace

My last challenge.
Well.. it wasn't a necklace challenge. But if I'm not wrong I can modify the pattern that Mba Thata gave to us into one or several project. And I made a necklace from her 3rd pattern. 

Bit disappointing coz I was late in submitting the pic, but in the other hand, I also glad coz I finally finished all 5 task that been given to me. 

5 Day Crochet Challenge: Headband

Still with me on 5 Day Crochet Challenge at Dinamic Crochet.
This was my 4th challenge (Dec23). A Headband. Made this one from Thalenta's Softy Cotton. I knitted this for practicing drop stitches that I learned few month a go and just added 3 crocheted flower.

Simple right?!?!?

Thursday, 23 December 2010

5 Day Crochet Challenge: Simple Garter Pouch

Still with me on 5 Day Crochet Challenge at Dinamic Crochet.

I suppose to post it yesterday, but since I was busy with office work, so no time for make a post about this one. 
Yesterday challenge was to make a pouch for mom in order to celebrate Mother's day. I've tried to crochet a pouch, but can't find any idea at all. So I just make a garter stitches from Thalenta's Softy Cotton, fold it into two and sew its right n left side. Then crocheted its border with mix of chenile and blend indonesian cotton. Last but not least, sew a pink heart application on it.

And Voila!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New Spot for Crocheter & Knitter around BSD


I got good news today!!
Specially for my crocheter & Knitter Fellow who lived around BSD. 

Listen to this!!

From now on.. when ever you need yarn, crocheting tools, knitting tools, or even just wanna know about crocheting or knitting, all you have to do is just grab your things and go to:

Blok C2 No. 2 (Lantai 1) 
 Telp. 021-53161745
They open daily. And special for the weekend, you can meet Rini for herself. She's the owner and she's very very good in knitting.

Soo.. see you there!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

5 Day Crochet Challenge: Round Keychain

2nd day of 5 Day Crochet Challenge and Mba Thata asked us to crochet key chain. Hmmm.. somehow I feel easier to crochet baby hat than a key chain. So I just try to make as simple as I can. And voila!! Here's my round key chain.

Made this from plastic ring which I covered with chenille yarn (I crocheted it with hook no 4/0). Than i just gathered those 2 rings with necklace chain. My plan was to add a small bell at the bottom of the ring, but i forgot where my bells are. So I just put beads.

Monday, 20 December 2010

5 Day Crochet Challenge: Simple Hat

Got bored with square (since I have to finished 20 pcs of FDWL square), so I crocheted this simple hat as interlude and as my participation on 5 Days Crochet Challenge before I started to make another square :D

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Round in Square

Its been a while since last time I made a square for From DC with Love (FDWL). So last night I made 1 square (the 1st pattern) using Indonesian Cotton (Plain n Blend) from Thalenta.

I crocheted it with clover ergo no. 4/0 and the result of this square is 12cm. 

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Candy Tone Bag

Start this bag on Ramadhan month (that means August) but bit bored coz it was made with dc aka. double crochet only. Made this bag by mixing ICT Blend with ICT Plain (inspired by Sis Thata with her boogie bag).

And I finally finished this bag yesterday. Having bit hard time with the handle, but Alhamdulillah, all done. 
Hmm... wish I could find someone to make lining for this bag :D

Monday, 6 December 2010


Just small key chains which I made on my spare time.


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